Insiders 6/23/19: Politics and Cancer, How Kamala Harris Can Win Over Voters, Why People Should Live in Iowa

Senator Kamala Harris

DES MOINES, Iowa — Nearly 18,000 Iowans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Almost 6,500 will die from cancer this year. Those American Cancer Society statistics demonstrate the challenge before us. Politics is taking on that challenge.

Richard Deming, the medical director of the Mercy Cancer Center, discusses the recent political discourse surrounding cancer and whether it’s been a good thing.

Rep. Steve King recently gave a fundraising pitch which took on Democrats, the media and his own party’s leaders.

Juan Rodriguez is the national campaign manager for Sen. Kamala Harris' presidential campaign. He knows some Iowa activists expect Harris to come to the state more than she has been. He explains where he sees Iowa fitting in the national race for president.

A video from the Iowa Economic Development Authority hopes to recruit new people and businesses to the state. In the video, actors talked up real estate to unsuspecting New Yorkers. The surprise was that the cool, hip, modern places were in Iowa and not New York!

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock will be live on the Channel 13 News at 4 on Wednesday, as part of our commitment to help voters vet the presidential candidates heading into 2020. Bullock will take questions from undecided Iowans in person and through social media.

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