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ARL Rescues 13 Dogs in Need of Medical Care from Western Iowa Property

AUDUBON COUNTY, Iowa — Thirteen dogs in need of veterinary care were removed from a residential property in Exira on Tuesday.

The ARL said they found the dogs outside the property in a muddy, chain-link dog run, covered in a tarp that was sagging with water collected from overnight rain.

Photo: Animal Rescue League of Iowa

“We could tell instantly that many of these dogs had not been well-socialized, but what we heard next broke our hearts: some of these dogs, all adults, had never even had names, said ARL CEO Tom Colvin. “They were extremely shy and many appeared to have never walked on a leash before, so we worked slowly and carefully with each one to load them into the ARL Rescue Van for their drive back to a fresh start.”

The ARL said most of the dogs have fleas, skin and ear infections, parasites and their toenails have grown so long it is painful for them to walk. One dog has an infection that has left nearly half her body covered with cracked, painful skin.

The ARL is working to give the dogs medical care so they can eventually be ready for adoption.

Donations to help with the dogs’ care and medical treatments can be made here.

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