Undecided Voters React to First Night of Democratic Presidential Debates

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Undecided voters gathered to watch the first Democratic debate at the Polk County Democratic headquarters Wednesday night.

Some of them came in with a few candidates at the top of their list, but many said it's a bit overwhelming with 24 Democratic candidates in the running.

Although voters weren't united on one particular candidate, many shared similar desires for their ideal candidate. Voter Doug Uhlman said having someone electable and who can defeat incumbent President Trump is at the top of his wish list.

"I want one that can beat Trump and basically can overall beat the GOP," he said.

Some of the main topics of the night included debate over gun laws, health care, immigration, employment and more on the Miami stage.

Voter Hannah Klausner said she hopes to hear more messages of unity from candidates.

"Not to address things that divide us, but come together and find the topics we can all relate to and stand with those and encourage people to go out and vote," she said.

Part two of the debate will take place on Thursday, with 10 more candidates.

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