Sweet Corn Season in Full Swing in Iowa

WARREN COUNTY, Iowa -- Sweet corn is king in Iowa, and the summertime favorite is finally showing up across the metro.

"There's no taste like fresh Iowa sweet corn," said Judy Cross.

For many Iowans, that first bite is coming a little later than usual.

"We're about anywhere from seven to ten days behind normal schedule. Everybody's been making a big deal out of how late it is but it's really not as real late as it seems like," said Mike Penick, owner of Penick's Sweet Corn.

Typically, the first corn of the season hits the stands around July 4, and some folks feel like it isn't summer until they buy their first ears from the side of the road.

"I'm really excited. I've been waiting for the winter to get over because it was a really long winter. I just love corn so much. I'm just really excited!" said 11-year-old Jocelyn Sholes.

Sholes says the corn stand also signifies that another state treasure is around the corner.

"I was like 'oh the state fair is coming up' because all the corn is out and stuff like that," she said.

Sholes isn't alone in her excitement. Penick says it's been a busy start to the selling season.

"They got to have that first taste of sweet corn. It's something I've always talked about, I will never understand that mad rush of that first sweet corn. As I've always said, the better sweet corn is later, but they still want that early sweet corn. It is what it is," laughed Penick.

If there's one good thing about the corn not being ready in early July, it's that you should be able to get corn a little later than in previous years.

"You couldn't plant right on schedule like you wanted to so you ended up stretching your plantings out a little bit, so in theory the season ought to last a little longer," said Penick.

The stand, located just off of Highway 65 outside of Indianola, is open seven days a week.

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