515 Alive Music Festival Announces Changes

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The 515 Alive music festival is just over a week away and the organizers announced some major changes.

The two-day event is normally held in an open field section of Water Works Park Off of George Flagg Parkwaywith stages and campsites right next to each other.

“There’s no restrictions back there on operations simply because it’s in a different part of the park. They’re not interfering,” Water Works Park Foundation Executive Director Sam Carrell said.

In a Facebook post, organizers announced on Tuesday that all of the artists will be performing at the brand new Water Works Amphitheater closer to Fleur Drive and the performance hours were shortened due to regular restrictions at the amphitheater.

Carrell said the event organizers were the ones who made the decision to move the festival up to the amphitheater and were aware of the time restrictions.

"The amphitheater does have different operating hours and we established those at the beginning because we have to be careful about interfering with the operations of Water Works, which provides drinking water to 500,000 central Iowans, so we don't interrupt that. So that's Why the hours are different for operating up at that amphitheater," Carrell said.

Gates for the festival will now open at 5 p.m. on both days next weekend.

Channel 13 News reached out to festival organizers and did not receive a response.

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