Marshalltown Plant Imploded by Alliant Energy; Watch it Fall from Every Angle

Data pix.
Data pix.

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- Demolition crews on Thursday brought down a former Alliant Energy power plant by implosion.

“Right now what you saw imploded today was kind of the center structure which is what they call the boiler house. it’s about 8 to 10 stories tall,” said Mike Wagner, Spokesperson for Alliant Energy. “This is a safer option for us, believe it or not.
if you think about an excavator that’s kind of working away kind of lower levels you run the risk of having debris fall down on workers.”

The old Sutherland Generating Station became obsolete with the opening of a new natural gas generating station less than a mile to the southwest.

“It’s a facility that complements our win fleet and our solar fleet,” said Wagner. “It has the ability to ramp up and down to match their output and also our to match our customers needs.”

The implosion was not announced ahead of time due to safety concerns, and there being limited places to view the implosion. Alliant Energy designated a media viewing place a half mile away from the plant. The demolition company also placed un-manned cameras close, and had two drones in the air to get every angle of the implosion.

“They will also want to be able to evaluate their work to make sure everything work the way they planned,” said Wagner. “I think it went it went according to plan, according to book, when you talk to these guys, they’ll tell you, they’re going to kind a drop and spin it, kind of wonder how it works but they’re the experts and understand the physics of it.”

Alliant has no plans to place anything else on that site, but they do have a power substation right next to the old plant site.

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