DMPS Officials Reveal How Student Accessed Roof Before Jumping Off

DES MOINES, Iowa -- More is known about the roof-jumping incident that sent a Des Moines middle school student to the hospital earlier this week.

Des Moines Public School district officials said a Brody Middle School student entered an empty classroom during dismissal Wednesday. He opened a window, removed a screen and crawled out onto the rooftop before jumping around 30 feet to a grassy area below. The district won't say why the student did it.

Officials said this is the first time anything like this has happened in the district, and they do not plan to seal windows in the building.

"The school safety team has reviewed what happened. It is their conclusion that it is important for student and staff safety that we do not seal the windows in the building. Brody staff remain committed to the safety of every student and are reviewing expectations with them. They have asked parents to help in that regard," said Amanda Lewis, communications officer for Des Moines Public Schools.

They were not able to give an update on the student's condition because the family is asking for privacy.

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