RVTV: New Humboldt Rec Center Home for Handful of Former CyHawk Players

HUMBOLDT, Iowa -- Humboldt is now home to a brand new 70,000 square foot recreation center. Equipped with a 200-meter track, basketball and pickleball courts, weight room area, batting cages and so much more. The facility is utilized by over 1,300 of Humboldt’s residents including a handful of current and former Cyclone and Hawkeye football players.

Names like Dallas Clark, Bruce Reimers, Ryan Harklau, and Tyler Nielsen all have played in the Cy-Hawk game in years past and are living in their home town of Humboldt and using the rec center regularly.

“It’s something that just for a town this size is unbelievable to have because you go down to a place like Des Moines and Ames and Ankeny and you rarely see a facility like this in a town of that size so having something like this is unbelievable for the community,” Tyler Nielsen, former Iowa linebacker said.

Nielsen’s grandparents, Ken and Marilyn, built the facility and then donated it to the city.

“They wanted to do something to give back to the community. Going around the state following us, me and my siblings along with the rest of the grandkids going to different places and thought what can we do for Humboldt that can really make a change and I think this facility is pretty special,” Nielsen said.

Former Cyclone, Ryan Harklau, was also at the rec center the morning before RVTV comes to town Thursday and said this CyHawk week will always hold a special place in his heart.

“It’s an exciting week. For Tyler and I, it’s one of those games you always miss. You wish you could play in this one every week. I don’t miss the practice, the two-a-days, any of that other stuff but this week is one you miss. It's a special thing to be a kid from Iowa playing in this game and a kid from [Humboldt] will be representing us this week, unfortunately for the University of Iowa, but no just kidding, we are very proud of Brady Ross obviously representing us,” Harklau.

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