Kid Reporter Travels Through Iowa in Effort to Unify America

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- What was planned as a one-month excursion turned into a three-year journey with "kid reporter" Phoenix Legg and his father, Matt Legg.

Before the 2016 election, Phoenix enjoyed watching the debates and hearing from different people's viewpoints. He decided he wanted in on the action. With proper timing after selling their apartment, Phoenix convinced his dad to get an RV and travel to the debates together. One thing lead to another, and the pair ended up keeping up with the news cycle and have traveled to 44 states together covering politics.

The irony? His dad Matt hates politics.

"I didn't think a journey like this was every in my future," he said. "I don't even enjoy politics."

He said his son has always had a passion for people and grew an interest for psychology; he sees politics as just a way of figuring out why people feel a certain way. Phoenix has met the president, members of Congress and even got a personal letter from the vice president, but his favorite interviews don't require a press pass.

"It`s the everyday American, even more than even a high up politician," said Phoenix.

He has taken away lessons from these conversations.

“We’re not as divided as the media or people with a big voice push it as,” said Phoenix. “I wanted to help unite our country as a kid."

You can follow his journey on his blog, here.

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