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Fort Dodge Residents Give Approval To City-Owned Broadband

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FORT DODGE, Iowa- The Citizens of Fort Dodge held a city-wide referendum on Tuesday. The ballot question asked residents: shall the City have the ability to establish a municipal broadband utility.

Residents said yes, voting 72% in the affirmative. City Administrator David Fierke
said the issue over local broadband coverage has been a concern in town.

“We need to look at high-speed internet in Fort Dodge improving High Speed Internet,” said Fierke. “That was driven by discussions both business industry and citizens have had with council members over time, to enough extent that they made it a high priority.”

Now the citizens have given a green light to a city-owned broadband service, the city if tasked with studying the issue in detail.

“We got to make a decision, do we move forward building a municipal utility
or the other alternative is we look at maybe a public private partnership, with a competitive broadband provider that might want to come into the city and do that,” said Fierke.

The City Administrator said that the process of deciding how to proceed could take several years.

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