FEMA Conducting Flood Buyout Assessments in Western Iowa

Flooding from the Missouri River in western Iowa in 2019. (WHO-HD)

MILLS COUNTY, Iowa — Flood victims in western Iowa are being urged to take a home buyout while they still can.

There are about 65 flood victims in Mills County wanting a buyout from the Federal Emergency Management Administration. Another dozen or so still trying to decide what to do.

Right now, FEMA is assessing properties based on what they were worth before getting flooded.

This buyout is a one-time deal. Those who wait until the next time it floods will be assessed based on their home’s condition during this year’s flood

“It’s not just our home it’s our entire life. It’s everything we’ve worked for up this point that we’re gambling with,” said homeowner Rick Rodriguez.

While it’s a tough decision to make, some people opted out after hearing that FEMA is basing their payouts on assessed value.

Rodriguez says he plans to put in the time and money to make his home work.

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