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Insiders 3/8/20: Reynolds, Ernst Discuss Iowa’s Preparation for Coronavirus; The Latest in the Glenwood Investigation

DES MOINES, Iowa — The first Iowans have tested positive for coronavirus. They are among the hundreds of cases popping up throughout the United States. Gov. Kim Reynolds and Sen. Joni Ernst discussed what Iowa is doing to prepare for a potential outbreak in the state. Since December, federal investigators have been looking into complaints […]

People Within DHS Were Aware of Human Experiments at Glenwood Resource Center, Emails Show

GLENWOOD, Iowa — Newly released documents are shedding light on the investigation into Glenwood Resource Center and what people inside the Iowa Department of Human Services knew about alleged experiments being performed there. Those documents show people within DHS were aware of human experiments being performed on intellectually disabled residents at Glenwood Resource Center as […]

Gov. Reynolds Answers Questions About Claims of Human Experimentation at Glenwood Resource Center

DES MOINES, Iowa – Gov. Kim Reynolds responded Tuesday morning to more questions about allegations of sexual arousal experiments on intellectually disabled residents at the Glenwood Resource Center. E-mails released Monday indicate administrators within the Department of Human Services knew about the proposed experiments and signed off on them. Rick Shults, the administrator for Health […]

'The Glenwood Experiments' Special Report Tuesday at Ten

The Glenwood Resource Center. What really happened? Why were Iowa’s most vulnerable patients a part of Iowa’s most outrageous experiments? Tuesday at 10:00 p.m., Channel 13 news digs deeper. Asking new questions. Sonya Heitshusen investigates. She’ll go inside the history of the former director and what lawmakers knew long before the federal investigation began. Watch […]

Lawsuit: Taxpayer Money Used to Conduct 'Sexual Arousal' Experiments at Glenwood Resource Center

GLENWOOD, Iowa — Several former Glenwood Resource Center employees, including doctors and nurses, have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Human Services, former DHS Director Jerry Foxhoven, the former superintendent of Glenwood Jerry Rea and other Glenwood and state officials. Glenwood Resource Center is home to more than 200 intellectually and physically disabled people. […]

Gov. Reynolds Won’t Discuss Center’s Sexual Arousal Research

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds wouldn’t comment Wednesday on accusations made against state officials in a federal lawsuit involving sexual arousal experiments performed on residents of a state of Iowa care center for people with intellectual disabilities.

Governor Reynolds Tours Glenwood Facility at Center of Federal and State Investigations

GLENWOOD, Iowa  —  Governor Kim Reynolds paid her first visit to the Glenwood Resource Center on Wednesday for the first time since federal and state investigations into alleged experimentation on disabled residents were announced in December. The Department of Justice began investigating allegations of “uncontrolled” experimentation on residents at the center in November.  Those experiments […]

Insiders 1/5/20: Pete Buttigieg Doesn’t Measure Economic Success in the Stock Market; DHS Director Addresses Glenwood Resource Center Allegations

DES MOINES, Iowa — State and federal investigators are looking into whether Glenwood Resource Center’s former leader allowed residents to be subjected to experiments. The facility in western Iowa is supposed to be a place where Iowans with severe intellectual disabilities receive the care they need. Kelly Garcia, the new director of the Iowa Department […]

Glenwood Resource Center Superintendent Fired Amid Investigation into Alleged Human Experiments

GLENWOOD, Iowa — The superintendent of a state-run institution that treats intellectually and physically disabled Iowans has been fired amid an investigation into alleged human experiments at the facility. The Iowa Department of Human Services notified Jerry Rea on Monday of his immediate termination as superintendent of Glenwood Resource Center. “The action is being taken […]

Iowa DPS Now Investigating Claims of Human Experimentation at Glenwood Resource Center

GLENWOOD, Iowa – The Iowa Department of Public Safety is now part of an investigation into claims that the residents of the Glenwood  Resource Center, which treats intellectually and physically disabled Iowans including children, were subject to human experiments. A spokesperson for the Iowa Department of Human Services issued a statement Tuesday about the inclusion […]