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13 Fascinating Facts About Dan Winters

1. My dog’s name is Paul Harvey.
2. I have lived in six towns in Iowa.
3. I can recite every word of the movie, “Christmas Vacation.”
4. Ketchup should be its own food group.
5. @danwinters
6. I have a crippling fear of snakes.
7. My family used to own the oldest hardware store in Iowa.
9. I was president of my fraternity.
10. I’ve never voted a straight ticket.
11. I volunteer at a local youth shelter.
12. I had dental bonding to fill the big gap in my front teeth.
13. Have you seen my keys…or my wallet?

Dan Winters co-anchors Channel 13 News at 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. Dan is an award-winning investigative reporter who came to WHO-HD nine years ago as a weekend morning anchor/reporter. Dan was born on a farm near Chariton, IA. He has lived in Marengo, Sioux City, Clarinda, Ames, and now The Des Moines Metro. He began his broadcasting career at age 16 at KMA Radio in Shenandoah, IA. After high school, he worked full-time as a news anchor/editor for KPRC, the CBS Radio affiliate, in Houston, TX. Dan earned an undergraduate degree from Iowa State University’s Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication. While in college, he worked as a reporter for KCCI-TV, covering the VEISHEA riot of 2004. Later that year, Dan was awarded “First Place TV Reporting” at the 2004 Hearst Journalism Awards Championship in San Francisco.

Dan interviewed President Barack Obama and reported on his campaign during the 2008 Iowa Caucuses. His award-winning investigations have resulted in public policy changes. “I really love what I do, and I hope that comes through when people watch,” said Dan. “I feel blessed to get to work alongside Erin, Ed, Keith and all of the talented people behind the scenes each night.” Dan volunteers with Youth Emergency Services and Shelter (YESS) and hosts fundraisers for various charities. He doesn’t let the fact he’s a lousy golfer stop him from trying.

Recent Articles
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    NEVADA, Iowa — Kedra Hamilton teaches first and second grade at the same school she attended.  The location of the building is about the only thing that’s the same.  “Teaching is getting harder,” said Hamilton.  “Our kids have a lot of trauma in their lives.”  But at Central Elementary in Nevada, they refuse to lose control of their classrooms, or to let bad things define their students.  Principal Chris deNeui said, “It’s not perfect.  It’s hard.  We do hard work […]

  • Breaking Point: Bad Student Behavior Guaranteed

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Photos keep pouring into Channel 13 from local teachers showing classrooms destroyed, and fresh bruises and scars on the educators’ arms and legs.   Parents in Winterset recently attended a standing-room-only school board meeting to voice their frustrations with disruptive and violent classroom behavior.   Marshalltown Community School District has lost 29 teachers since January.  That’s compared to 17 last year.  District leaders said one of the reasons, according to a survey, is student behavior. When Ruth Ann […]

  • Elementary School Violence: Parents Reach Breaking Point, ‘You have to fail to get the appropriate level of service’

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Teachers across the United States tell Channel 13 that what’s happening in Iowa is also happening in their elementary school classrooms. “(Children) Screaming.  Cursing.  I’ve been stabbed with a pencil.” Ashlee May, a second-grade teacher leaving Des Moines Public Schools for the suburbs next fall, said behavior that used to be considered outrageous is now commonplace.  Teachers are forced to take a hands-off approach.  Violent outbursts force well-behaved students into the hallway for safety.  The practice […]

  • Extreme & Violent Student Behavior Pushing Iowa Teachers to Breaking Point

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa teachers tell Channel 13 they are so overwhelmed by extreme violent behavior they have reached a breaking point.  They asked us to share their stories so people will understand what happens inside classrooms. Ashlee May teaches second grade in Des Moines.  She said, “Most people, I don’t think, realize kind of what’s happening.  We get screamed at and cursed at daily.  I’ve been stabbed with a pencil before.” Police reports back her up.  They contain […]

  • Local Shop Reaches Pipe Organ Pinnacle

    LAKE CITY, Iowa — The rural Iowa community of Lake City is home to roughly 1,200 people.  Among them are some of the finest pipe organ builders in the world.  The 22 craftsmen and artisans at Dobson Pipe Organ Builders recently unveiled the crowning achievement of their founder and namesake’s career. The $10,000,000 instrument took eleven years to conceptualize and build.  Lynn Dobson and his team spent a year-and-a-half installing the massive structure in St. Thomas Church on 5th Ave. […]

  • Underwater Treadmill Helping Fat Feline Shed Pounds

    URBANDALE, Iowa — You can imagine the reactions Aimee Good, of Urbandale, receives when people learn her cat works out on an underwater treadmill. “They think it’s a joke,” said Good. George, the Himalayan cat, is 12-years-old.  He tips the scale at over 17 pounds. Doctors at Urban Pet Hospital identified George as being at-risk for the feline version of Type Two Diabetes.  Veterinarian Dr. Rachel Goodall said George needs to lose a few pounds. “He just likes to eat.  […]

  • Iowa Mother Claims DHS Took Baby After Wrongly Accusing Her of Drug Abuse

    NEW MARKET, Iowa  —  Henrietta was nine days old when a woman showed up at her family’s house unannounced.  The baby’s father, Brian Spooner, said the woman was “trying to look through the windows and she was pounding on the windows.” Henrietta’s mother, Rachel Cox, said the woman never showed identification.  Cox said the woman claimed to be from the Iowa Department of Human Services. “She said that she wanted to see the baby, and I said, ‘Well, maybe we need […]

  • Care Providers Stuck with Transportation Costs for Iowa Medicaid Patients

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Last week, Gov. Kim Reynolds was non-committal regarding the suggestion that able-bodied people should be employed to receive Medicaid benefits.  A similar policy was enacted in Kentucky.  Medicaid recipients and providers argue the state of Iowa recently made it harder, in many cases, for recipients to show up for the jobs they already have. Shelly Chandler, the CEO of Iowa Association of Community Providers, said it all started a couple of years ago with a $15 […]

  • SILENT KILLER: Radon In Iowa Schools And Homes

    You send your children to school, assuming they will be reasonably safe.  So, why is a middle school principal on a mission to warn all parents about a potential health hazard to Iowa students? It sounds outrageous, that something could be killing you or your loved one over a period of years.  It’s not something solid that you can remove or contain like mold or asbestos.  But experts agree, people can make a building safe, even though they’re not required […]

  • Pain-Free Without Pills

    CLIVE, Iowa  —  You’ve probably read startling statistics on opioid-related deaths in America and heard horror stories of people hooked on heroin as a result of becoming addicted to prescription painkillers. Lawmakers and substance abuse counselors agree on the term “opioid epidemic,” but the fact remains that 100,000,000 Americans need something to alleviate their chronic pain. A practice in Clive claims to use new technology and proven methods to wean patients off of drugs while giving them something they have […]

  • Race and Politics in the 2016 Presidential Election

  • Exclusive: Former State Trooper Opens Up About Addiction

    “Those drugs will hook you and they will suck you right in.” FOREST CITY, Iowa — Michael Haugen has more time these days to reflect on his life as a small-town Iowa boy who grew up to be a proud lawman. “I loved (being an Iowa state trooper),” Haugen said. “It was very rewarding. I loved helping people.” You can imagine how people reacted when the person who swore to uphold the law was charged with breaking it. “Shock, dismay, […]

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