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  • Canine Klepto: Shelter Dog Steals Anything He Can

    AUSTIN, Texas — A 4-year-old lab mix named Kevin, who’s up for adoption at the Austin Animal Center, is a bit of a kleptomaniac. He steals just about anything within his reach — toys, food bowls, spare change, clothing, blankets, even a purse. Kevin lives in an office at the shelter because there are no available kennels, and he’s built himself a nest of stolen goods he curls up in underneath a desk. “Every time that I’ve been assigned to […]

  • Massive Gator Takes A Stroll

    THE VILLAGES, Florida — A massive alligator out for a stroll drew a crowd at a Florida golf course Saturday. “Larry” the alligator is a bit of a local celebrity. He has his own Facebook page and even a placard at one of his favorite ponds. Despite his fame, residents day encountering Larry in real life is always an experience. “I was first scared out of my pants because he was so large. And at first I didn’t believe what […]

  • Tornadoes Kill at Least 22, Injure Dozens More in Alabama

    At least 22 people were killed and dozens more were injured Sunday when powerful tornadoes swept through eastern Alabama, authorities said. The deaths were in Lee County, on the Georgia border, Sheriff Jay Jones said Sunday night. East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, the county seat, said that it was treating more than 40 patients and that an undetermined number of others had been sent to hospitals. Jones said the ages of the dead hadn’t been fully determined. “We do […]

  • WATCH LIVE: Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress

    Watch live coverage as Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney, testifies before members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee. In a much anticipated hearing, Cohen will be questioned about his work as Trump’s longtime aide, as well as the decision to make hush money payments to women who claimed they had affairs with Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.  

  • Snow Strands Hundreds of Anglers on Minnesota Lake Ice

    Snowy, drift-covered roads are a proving a major problem for motorists across the state of Minnesota. And the problems aren’t only on dry land. Heavy drifting on ice roads left hundreds of ice anglers stuck across Lake Mille Lacs. The snow is so deep vehicles can’t get back to the mainland, leaving those stuck keeping a worried eye on their propane and food supplies. By Monday evening, a Department of Natural Resources spokesperson said everyone who needed to get back […]

  • Viral Video Shows ‘Dementia Can Be Beautiful’

    SANFORD, Maine — January 27th, 2019 started off as just another day in the life of MJ Grant and her mother Carmen. They were spending some quality mom and daughter time together when MJ realized that something was a little off with her mom, who battles dementia. “When we were sitting there we were having a conversation and I could tell during the conversation, she did not realize who I was. That’s when I asked her, ‘where’s MJ?’ And that’s […]

  • ‘I Smashed Him’ – Florida Man Fights Off Coyote

    A Florida man says he did what he had to do to protect himself, his dog, and his Fruitland Park neighborhood when faced with an overly aggressive coyote. The coyote was killed and his dog is getting frequent check-ups to make sure rabies is not an issue. Ben Pool says he hears coyotes often, rarely sees them. Things were different, however, on Friday. “My dog and a coyote were standing face to face, fixing to go at it,” Pool says. […]

  • Big Ol’ Fish is Minnesota State Record

    BAYPORT, Minnesota — Two Minnesota anglers have learned they now own a state record. The Department of Natural Resources certified Darren Troseth and John Kimble’s catch from the St. Croix River as the longest catch and release lake sturgeon. “The thought of catching a big fish through a hole ice is too much of a draw to keep us here on a Saturday night,” explained Kimble. “The head on that thing was just monstrous,” said Troseth. They measured the sturgeon […]

  • Glitter Poop a Key to Future Tiger Cubs at Tennessee Zoo

    A Tennessee zoo is adding some sparkle to a tiger’s diet… literally. Arya is a 5-year-old Malayan Tiger at Zoo Knoxville. She came to the zoo in 2017, and it’s been recommended she breed with one of the male tigers, Bashir. Zookeepers are watching her behavior closely, and it seems like she’s ready to mate. But just to be sure, zookeepers have added glitter to her meat. The reason: the zoo has three tigers total, and it wants to make […]

  • Golden Retrievers Gather in Golden, Colorado

    Well over 1,000 Golden Retrievers gathered together in Golden, Colorado Sunday in celebration of International Golden Retriever day. They also tried to retrieve the win for the most goldens in one place at one time. Organizers at least 1,500 dogs attended the event, which would likely make it a world record. Read more:

  • Astronaut Peggy Whitson Talks Space, STEM, and Rejection with NBC’s Kate Snow

    No other American astronaut has spent more time in space than native-Iowan Peggy Whitson. There’s a big push in schools across this nation to encourage girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math– the so-called STEM subjects. Whitson is serving as an example to those girls that reaching for the stars, along with a whole lot of studying, might just get you there. She sat down with NBC’s Kate Snow to talk about leading by example, why she’d […]

  • Teen Country Singer Chevel Shepherd Wins ‘The Voice’

    “The Voice” has crowned a new winner. Chevel Shepherd, a 16-year-old from New Mexico, sang her way to the Season 15 title. “My heart was kind of like pounding because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I knew either way I was going to be super happy,” Shepherd said. The win came hours after Shepherd’s performance of the original tune “Broken Hearts” shot to the top of the iTunes charts. “She’s an innate story teller. That’s a country […]

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