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  • Walmart to Host ‘Baby Savings Day’ this Saturday at Metro Stores

    Walmart is hosting a “Baby Savings Day”limited sale this Saturday at participating stores across the country. Participating stores will have specialists available to provide soon-to-be parents demonstrations of baby gear and advice on choosing the right products. The event will be held on Saturday from 10:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Free samples and coupons will also be available on Saturday. Customers will also find several special sales and “rollbacks” in store and online. At some stores, law enforcement will also be […]

  • He Threw a Napkin in the Trash. Police Used It to Arrest Him for a 1993 Murder.

    MINNEAPOLIS – Police in Minnesota say a napkin discarded at a hockey game helped link a man to a brutal murder committed more than 25 years earlier. Investigators say 52-year-old Jerry Westrom was identified as a suspect after a close match to DNA found at the 1993 crime scene was discovered on a genealogy website, the Pioneer Press reports. Investigators followed him to a hockey game earlier this year. They watched him eat a hot dog, wipe his mouth with a napkin, and […]

  • Sheriff’s Office Debunks ‘Scam’ of Gift Card-Filled Letters from ‘Jen’

    SURRY CO., Va. – A Virginia sheriff’s office put out a warning on Tuesday after learning of a suspected gift card scam that appeared to be targeting pregnant women. However, on Wednesday, the Surrey County Sheriff’s Office reported that there actually wasn’t a scam and spoke with the promotional advertisers that send out the gift cards. The envelopes contain a card that appears handwritten, complete with fingerprint smudges and what appears to be ink that leaked through the back of […]

  • City’s Entire Snow Plow Fleet Sabotaged Right Before Snow Storm

    MT. VERNON, N.Y. – One of the benefits of living in a densely populated region is expecting your tax dollars to salt and plow a clear path to work during a snowstorm. But on Tuesday morning in Mt. Vernon, New York, residents woke up to hit the road and got a rude awakening. Rubber gloves, lots of them, had been deliberately stuffed into the gas tanks of the city’s entire fleet of garbage, plow, and salt trucks – just in […]

  • Disney Releases Long-Awaited ‘Frozen 2’ Trailer

    Disney released the long-awaited Frozen 2 teaser trailer on Wednesday — and it does not disappoint. The original film was released in 2013 and grossed over $1 billion at the box office. The film hits theaters on November 22, 2019.

  • Ohio Teen Defies Anti-Vaccine Parents, Gets Shots

    NORWALK, Ohio – For many teenagers, turning 18 years old means celebrating at a party but for one Ohio teen it meant going to get a slew of vaccinations he no longer needed his parents’ permission to receive. “For 16 years I haven’t received any vaccinations,” explained Ethan Lindenberger. He says the only shot he received, tetanus, as a toddler was out of necessity. Lindenberger says his parents do not believe in vaccinations unless absolutely necessary. “Her opinions are mostly […]

  • Eight-Year-Old Girl Given Award for Saving Dad’s Life During Shooting Spree

    PLACER COUNTY, Calif. – A Placer Elementary School third-grader was given a medal of merit for quick thinking that saved her dad’s life. Isabell Pierce’s father, Brian, was a random victim during a chaotic shooting spree on Jan. 15th, according to KTXL. They were driving down Rock Springs Road in the quiet community of Newcastle when they heard a loud noise. Not only had suspected shooter Stanley Stepanski III shoot out the driver’s side window, but the bullet had hit Brian in the […]

  • Illinois Firefighter with Down Syndrome Quits Department Over Bullying

    SANDOVAL, Ill. – An Illinois volunteer firefighter with Down syndrome says he quit the department because he was bullied. Thirty-three-year-old Jason Eagan became a volunteer firefighter in Sandoval in 2016. There was debate when he first applied, but he passed the physical test and completed all the paperwork so the fire department could not refuse him. Eagan’s sister Kristin Sian wrote on her Facebook account Thursday that Eagan quit due to harassment. She says that several firefighters allegedly made fun of Eagan, […]

  • Delta, Coke Blasted Over ‘creepy’ New Napkins

    Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola say they were just trying to encourage a little “old school flirting.” Complaining passengers had a different take: “creepy.” The companies have pulled Diet Coke napkins that encouraged people to write down their phone number on them and hand them to their “plane crush,” reports Fox News. “Because, you’re on a plane full of interesting people and hey… you never know,” reads the napkin. “Unintentionally creepy” is a complaint voiced by one passenger, and another tweet being widely cited in […]

  • Idaho Woman Who Thought She Was Breaking Up a Dog Fight Grabbed a Juvenile Mountain Lion Instead

    MACKAY, Idaho – An Idaho woman thought she was breaking up a dog fight – but ended up grabbing a juvenile mountain lion. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the incident occurred outside of a home in Mackay on January 30th when a woman spotted her dog fighting with what she assumed was another pet. “As she pulled the two animals apart, she realized that in one hand she held a juvenile, male mountain lion about 35 […]

  • Suit-Clad Customer Wanted for ‘Highly Unusual’ Dine-and-Dash

    OAKDALE, Calif. – A man was caught on surveillance footage sitting in front of a porterhouse steak, a lobster tail and a 20-ounce beer in a California restaurant before pocketing the hunk of meat and walking out. “What type of person will take a steak and watch the juice drip off and then wrap it in a linen napkin?” said House of Beef lead server Denise Loya. “It’s just highly unusual.” Loya said the man dressed in a suit came into […]

  • Artist Sells Pringles Wine Tumblers After Viral Story of Woman Banned from Walmart

    COLDWATER, Miss. – The story of a woman riding an electric shopping cart and drinking wine from a Pringles can at a Walmart has become an inspiration for an artist in Mississippi. The story went viral earlier this month after the woman was banned from a Wichita Falls Walmart. Police were called after she allegedly was drinking and riding the cart for hours. She was found at a nearby restaurant and told she wasn’t allowed back in the store. View […]

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