13 Fascinating Facts About Me:
1. I have been an athlete all of my life. In high school I played volleyball, tennis, and I was on the dance team. I could have played volleyball or tennis at a small college, but I was very career driven and gave them up.
2. Despite growing up in Iowa, my dad was raised in Omaha and I grew up a HUGE Nebraska Cornhuskers fan. GBR!
3. If it weren’t for the cost of school, I would have stayed much longer and obtained a second degree in mathematics and added minors in history and broadcast journalism. Instead, I graduated in 3.5 years, while working 2 jobs throughout my college career.
4. My favorite form of working out is a class called TurboKick which I consider to be a cross between kickboxing and dance. I even made up my own TurboKick routine in my spare time.
5. I am ALWAYS cold. If you were to walk into the news studio on any given day there’s a 75% chance I would be covered in a blanket and still have a jacket on.
6. Despite the cold, I recently discovered my love for snowshoeing in the mountains. I find the adventure of climbing up and down the snow to get to a certain view to be absolutely incredible.
7. I have a wide range in musical taste. I have everything from country and christian contemporary to dubstep and alternative rock as well as much more all within one playlist.
8.I loved swimming so much as a child that I used to have a special breathing technique because I could hold my breath longer than anybody else. My senior year of high school I got bronchitis and have never been able to breath the same again.
9. I had a golden retriever named Jade while growing up. She was my best friend for almost 10 years and the most loyal canine I have ever met. I now have a weakness for any golden retriever that I see.
10. Thanks to help of Pinterest, cooking is now one of my favorite hobbies. I can make a mean pink champagne cupcake, even ask my coworkers.
11. Even in my 20s I still go through weird food phases. In 2015 I ate brown sugar oatmeal with two scoops of crunch peanut butter in it every day for five months.
12. There are a handful of movies I can watch over and over again without ever being tired of them. Bridesmaids, Burlesque, Taken, Red Dawn, Footloose, and Soul Surfer are just a few.
13. I used to dislike beer with all of my being but have developed a taste for it over the past couple years, in fact I am loving all of the breweries that Des Moines has to offer. Any suggestions?

Meteorologist Amber Alexander joined the Channel 13 First Alert Storm Team in December 2015. Before WHO, Amber worked at KNOP in North Platte, Nebraska where she was as a meteorologist and reporter.
Amber earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology/Climatology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is a proud Husker. While at Nebraska she served as the secretary of the American Meteorological Society, Activities Director for the Nebraska Storm Chase Team and worked as an intern at the state climate office for two years. Amber first got her on-air experience by broadcasting for UNL’s student run newscast, Star City News. She was also an intern for KETV in Omaha, NE.
Amber has always loved storms, but discovered her new passion for meteorology while simply studying the material in the sixth grade. It was then that she decided she wanted to be a meteorologist.
Since she grew up in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Amber is very happy to be back in Iowa and closer to her family. Although she is not a fan of the cold winters, Amber is excited to be in an area that has all types of weather conditions. However, she is most fascinated by severe weather. During her time at Nebraska she loved to storm chase. She even caught her first tornado in Solomon, KS on her first ever storm chase trip with fellow students in April 2012.
Amber is looking forward to growing in her forecast abilities and providing the best weather report she can for Central Iowa.

Recent Articles
  • Severe Weather Including Hail and Strong Winds Possible Wednesday

    Today is Iowa’s first risk for severe weather of the season, and while it’s always good to be prepared, you shouldn’t be alarmed. Morning showers and thunderstorms will be limited to the area along the warm front in far northern Iowa. There has been some clearing over parts of central and southern Iowa, but there are still quite a few clouds that may prevent more strong to severe storms from forming. The cold front is  dragging back behind into Nebraska […]

  • Scattered Rain Showers Ahead for Wednesday Afternoon, More Rain, Warmth During the Weekend

    Today is starting off dry as a cold front sits off to the south, dropping rain across Nebraska and parts of Kansas and Missouri. This rain will slowly shift north into Iowa throughout the day. While the morning will be mainly dry, the afternoon we will see scattered rain showers, especially across the NW quarter of the state (N of I-80 and W of I-35). This is where up to .75″ of rain is possible while the rest of the […]

  • Light Snow Expected After Thursday’s Morning Commute

    There’s another chance for snow is in the forecast, but if you’re tired of the snow, it looks to be our only chance of the week! Light snow will move in just after the morning commute Thursday for the metro, but it may impact the morning drive for those in SW Iowa. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for much of central Iowa from Midnight until 6 PM on Thursday. Most of the snow will fall during the late […]

  • Blizzard Making Travel Impossible in Parts of Iowa

    IOWA — A Blizzard Warning is in effect for much of the western half of the state until 6 PM on Sunday. Heavy snow and strong wind are making it near impossible to see on Iowa roads in the western half of the state. This will be the case for several hours as a blizzard continues to move through the state. Visibility will be less than a quarter mile for several hours in some of these area within the Blizzard Warning. […]

  • Two Waves bring Freezing Rain and Blizzard Conditions to the Weekend

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  A couple different waves of winter weather will bring tough travel conditions throughout the weekend. The first wave will be Friday evening into Saturday morning with icy roads possible due to freezing rain. The second wave will bring rain Saturday afternoon and heavy snow Saturday evening into Sunday morning. Weather Headlines: Winter Weather Advisory for I-80 to Hwy 20 through Saturday morning Winter Storm Watch for Central and Western Iowa Saturday evening through Sunday morning. Forecast: Light […]

  • Strong Storm Looks to Make a Mess of the Weekend

    DES MOINES, Iowa  –A strong storm system looks to make travel difficult over the weekend. There will be a chance for rain and snow. Rain may freeze on the roadways, creating slick conditions Friday night into Saturday. There will also be a change over from rain to snow and that looks to move through late Saturday into Sunday.  A Winter Storm Warning will be in effect Saturday evening through Sunday evening. First and foremost: With a system like this, there […]

  • Snow Totals from Latest Winter Storm in Iowa

    Light snow will continue through the early afternoon, but most of central Iowa will see less than an inch with this band. Overnight and early morning snow totals were generally between 3 and 6″. Much of the state got less snow than anticipated and  those lower totals are thanks to drier air that worked its way in late last night. That typically cuts down snowfall totals, which is what we are experiencing this morning. This system in particular did not develop until later in the […]

  • Road Conditions Improving After Overnight Snow

    This storm is lifting out at a faster rate than anticipated, and should wrapped up around 9:00 AM in the metro. Snow totals are expected to be between 2 and 5″ across the central part of the state. The lower totals are thanks to drier air that worked its way in late last night. That typically cuts down snowfall totals, which is what we are experiencing this morning. This system in particular did not develop until later in the day on Tuesday. When these […]

  • Heavy Snow Set to Arrive Late Saturday

    IOWA — Heavy snow is set to arrive late Saturday evening and continue through Sunday. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the entire state of Iowa. For central Iowa, it lasts until 6 p.m. on Sunday. After a sunny Saturday afternoon, the next round of snow will arrive in central Iowa between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. The heaviest snow is expected early on in the event between 9 p.m. Saturday and 1 a.m. Sunday. Lighter snow is expected […]

  • More Snow to Fall in Central Iowa on Monday

    DES MOINES, Iowa —  A Winter Storm Watch is in effect for most of central Iowa from noon Monday until 3 PM on Tuesday. At 3 PM, a Winter Storm Warning takes effect. The southern tier of Iowa counties are under a Winter Weather Advisory from 9 AM Monday until Noon Tuesday; this is the area that will see a chance for not only snow, but also freezing drizzle/sleet. Current Weather Synopsis: Monday morning will be dry as the low develops […]

  • Wintry Mix Headed to Iowa Overnight Into Thursday

    No precipitation is falling this morning, but some roads are starting off icy. Slow down and use caution through the late morning as road crews continue to treat these icy conditions. Another wave is on its way for tonight. A deep wave sitting across the western United States will move through the central US on Thursday. This will bring our next chance for a wintry mix of freezing drizzle, sleet, and snow. The best chance for this will be overnight […]

  • Dangerous Wind Chills, Light Snow Possible for Central Iowa

    It’s a frigid Friday as temperatures start below zero this morning! The wind is now only 5-15 miles per hour, but that’s enough for it to feel like 20-30° below zero. A series of several waves are expected to impact the state throughout today, the weekend, and early next week. Today’s wave will bring a chance for snow late this morning into the early afternoon. Up to a half inch of snow is possible in central Iowa with up to […]

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