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  • MURPHY’S LAW: First Impressions, Where’s Cooter Ray, Turn Up the Red Dirt

    By: Michael Admire I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore. I made the move from my home of 6-years in Pittsburg, KS to my new home right outside of downtown Des Moines. It didn’t take long to realize the passion Central Iowa has for its sports, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. I got to experience my first Iowa Hawkeyes basketball game. It was exactly how everyone described it would be. They look like […]

  • MURPHY’S LAW: The Jack Sears, Arch Madness, ‘What’s that you say?’

    By: Michael Admire He’s finally here! Congrats to John and Maria Sears for welcoming a beautiful new baby boy to their family, a 9 pound 13 oz baby boy at that. John said Jack is already a better dancer than his dad. I don’t doubt it.                 Update on Keith: He’s doing better. His back locked up on him, and he couldn’t move without excruciating pain. A few painkillers plus a day or two of rest and Murph will be […]

  • MURPHY’S LAW: I-Cubs Postponed, Again, Snow Golf, Sports Bucket List

    By Michael Admire April showers bring May flowers, or more like, May snow and rain storms bring June Double-headers. It doesn’t rhyme but you get my drift. The I-Cubs have postponed three-straight games for cold, snow, and now rain. I was at Principal Park on Tuesday. I had to throw on the SPF 30. Then I was also at the ballpark on Friday when there was snow on the ground, a depressing site in May to say the least. Luckily […]

  • MURPHY’S LAW: Admire After Grace

    By Michael Admire My 90-day grace period has come-and-gone, and I’m still here. It’s been 3-months since I moved from southeast Kansas to the capitol of Iowa, and I’ve learned a lot… To many of you, I’m not Michael Admire, but the ‘new guy’… Apparently, I look like either Emilio Esteves (The Mighty Ducks man!), Steve Carell (don’t see it), Luke Bryan (my ex-girlfriend wishes), or Scott Disick (I’ve heard this one before. We look like twins)… I sound southern. […]

  • ULTIMATE FIGHTER: Charges Dropped, Ring Beckons

    Jeremy Stephens and his UFC career was pinned against the ropes but that was answered with a win against Estevan Payan. This week, Stephens is in Des Moines training. To make it through a punishing workout, it takes more than just the physical attributes of a world class fighter. “I believe anything in life you do is 80-percent mental, 20-percent physical so the mindset you have to be is always preparation,” Stephens says. Adding to the pressure of Stephens’ UFC […]

  • TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS: Importance To Metro

    It was a full day at the USA Track and Field Championships at Drake Stadium Thursday. The athletes began at 10 a.m. and won’t finish until 9:30p.m. Channel 13’s Michael Admire was at the Blue Oval with more on why this event is so important to Des Moines. Lolo Jones will be among some other big names competing for a spot at the World Championships in Moscow this august. Jones will line up for her first race Friday evening.

  • DUAL THREAT: Barnstormer Mario Ambrose

    A Barnstormer tradition revealed one of their rookie players had another talent besides football and now they are putting it to good use. Defensive end Mario Ambrose is 6 foot 4 and weighs in at 280 pounds. His teammates noticed at the rookie talent show that Ambrose could sing. Turns out he grew up singing in the church choir. “Mario went up there first at the rookie show and started singing. That blew me out of the water. It`s like […]

  • PICKLEBALL FEVER: Weird Name, Cool Sport

    To an outsider, the game may look like tennis or racquetball, but pickleball players insist their game is different. “It`s a little more finess, a softer game,” player LeGrand Bien-Aime explains. “So they really teach you how to be patient and force your opponents to make mistakes.” “I`ve had some people explain it as playing ping-pong on top of the table. The court is 1/3 the size of a tennis court,” player Steve Stone adds. As for the root of […]

  • STATE TRACK: Roughriders On A Mission For A Title

    The Roosevelt Roughriders dominated the Drake Relays. Thursday they head to the girls state meet where they hope to bring home the school’s first state track title in history. But the Roughriders will have to win the relays races that they dominated at Drake without one of the top sprinters in Iowa. Coaches have decided to use Agnes Sayeh in an open event instead of on the dominant relay team in an attempt to rack up enough points for the […]

  • TOUCHDOWN CALLS: Brinson Brings The Fun

    The Barnstormers were already known for their unmistakable helmets and cowbell noise makers, but now their new voice is gaining some attention. Jim Brinson’s voice sings through radio waves, his play-by-play is like music to the ears. “Arena football is supposed to be fun, so I try to make it fun,” he laughs. “Jimmy B has the natural pipes for it first of all… I enjoy his play-by-play and he does what a play-by-play guy is supposed to do and […]

  • GREAT RIVALRY: Dowling & Valley Take It To The Rugby Pitch

    Rivalries are what make sports great. Football, basketball, baseball, softball, you name it when Dowling and Valley get on the field, it is intense and now they’ve added another sport to fuel the rivalry. The Maroons and Tigers are duking it out on the rugby pitch. And they`re not the only ones, since rugby first became a sanctioned club in Iowa. The sport has grown immensely. That`s exactly why rugby will be a part of the Olympics in 3 short […]

  • EASTSIDE PRIDE: New Stadium Plaza

    Eastside pride was beaming as the High School Foundation opened a new plaza to honor former athletes and coaches. The Bob Savage Alumni Plaza was a $1.6 million renovation project for Williams Stadium. The new plaza includes a wall of champions, which recognizes all conference championship teams and state titles, as well as the East Athletic Hall of Fame. There is also a heart of champion’s wall, a memorial wall, and recognition of three hall of fame coaches. It was […]

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