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13 Fascinating Facts about Zach Borg:
• While playing little league baseball in East Des Moines in 1993, I was beaned at the plate in 10 straight games.
• A few years later, I was doing my best Ken Griffey Jr. impressions during practice swings before an inning. I wasn’t looking and hit an umpire (without his mask on) in the face on a follow through. Shockingly I wasn’t ejected.
• After moving to Colorado I played for the 2000 4A State Football Champion Loveland Indians with several division one football players (Including former Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom ).
• The following year several of my teammates were caught spraying Pam cooking spray on their jerseys in a story that made national news. Our coach took a suspension, and we nearly won a second straight state title, falling in the semifinals.
• I did a lot of musicals in elementary and middle school. At Cattell Elementary , I played a singing snowman.
• Prior to moving from Des Moines in 1994, I did Tae Kwon Do. I made brown belt and was a few months away from trying for black belt before we moved.
• With two weeks to go till my high school graduation I was called into the principal’s office and told to stop taking excused absences (I’d go to Colorado Rockies matinee games & mom would give me a note to skip out). I promptly left the office and went to a Rockies-Marlins game.
• I am quite possibly the world’s worst golfer yet I continue to waste money on it. I’ve never shot better than a 104, and it took me almost 10 years to make my first birdie.
• I collect jerseys and I get at least one from every place I’ve worked including a CSU Rams football jersey, North Dakota Fighting Sioux hockey jersey, and a Montana Grizzly football jersey. Got to get UNI, Iowa, ISU and Drake now.
• While in Fargo, I covered a “Donkey Basketball Game”. It was a charity event where players rode on donkeys while playing basketball. If there was a pro league for it I think I’d have dominated in it.
• Growing up I’d do play-by-play when I was playing sports video games. Really used to annoy my mom.
• In my junior year of college, I DJ’d from 12-2 AM on the school radio station, KCSU. When I was done I would sleep in my car (AKA “The Borgmobile”) and go to my morning 9:30 AM class.
• When I was really little I once got a chance to sit in the conductor seat of a little kiddy train. When the person watching me turned their back, I pulled the start lever and the train took off for about 50 yards until the conductor dude came and stopped it.
Des Moines native and former Channel 13 sports intern Zach Borg returned as sports reporter/photographer in March 2011.
“It’s great to be back! Quite frankly I wondered if they even remembered my name,” Borg says.
“Zeke was a great intern. He was never late with the coffee and donuts, picked up the dry cleaning, and putting the mountain breeze air fresheners in our cars after washing and waxing them was a nice touch,” Channel 13 Sports Director Keith Murphy says.
After interning at Channel 13 in the summer of 2005, Zach finished his Bachelors degree at Colorado State (“It’s the Harvard of the west in academics and the Northwestern of the Mountain West in athletics!”) and moved on to KVRR-TV in Fargo, ND as a sports and news reporter/photographer. After four years of covering pro sports in Minneapolis, flooding, hockey, and freezing his extremities off, Zach went west to KECI-TV in Missoula, MT as weekend sports anchor/reporter.

Though he grew up in Iowa and later lived in Colorado, he remains a diehard Kansas City Chiefs and Colorado Rockies fan/apologist. Go figure. He also enjoys hiking, working out, writing, and continuing his quest to shoot lower than 100 on the golf course.

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