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  • THE INSIDERS: Predictions Part 5

    Tea Partier Ted Cruz’s future, taking on the haters and a prediction. Channel 13’s Dave Price does his own Quick 6. .

  • THE INSIDERS: Bill Knapp Part 4

    Channel 13’s Dave Price sits down with Bill Knapp of Knapp Properties. Honor flights are something that is important to Knapp, who is a veteran. Knapp is involved with the honor flights because he feels we owe our veterans for their service. For Part 5, click here

  • THE INSIDERS: Bill Knapp Part 3

    Forecasters appear mixed on what kind of economic recovery the country has. Unemployment, while it has decreased, has remained stubbornly high. Iowa businessman Bill Knapp offers his thoughts on whether things are getting better, as well as why he says buying gold bets against the country. For Part 4, click here

  • THE INSIDERS: Spiker Fischer Steele

    Channel 13’s Dave Price sits down with the Iowa GOP Chairman A.J Spiker and his co-chair David Fischer. The Appanoose County Republicans are calling for Spiker to step down because they believe he has caused division in the party. David Fischer has been asked to step down as well. Will Fischer and Spiker step down? Dave Price also sits down with Zach Steele of Run Drink Iowa. He plans on visiting 99 counties to run a mile and drink a […]

  • THE INSIDERS: Spiker Fischer Steele Part 2

    Channel 13’s Dave sits down with Iowa GOP Chairman A.J Spiker and his co-chair David Fischer. After Ted Cruz’s 21 hour filibuster, he will be headlining the Iowa GOP Reagan Dinner in Des Moines. He’s selling tickets because people love Cruz’s leadership. For Part 3, click here.

  • THE INSIDERS: Spiker Fischer Steele Part 3

    Channel 13’s Dave Price says Washington needs structure and one elementary teacher has a technique. It involves lines and clapping. For Part 4, click here.

  • THE INSIDERS: Spiker Fischer Steele Part 4

    Channel 13’s Dave Price sits down with Zach Steele of Run Drink Iowa. He has a mission to visit all 99 counties of Iowa and run at least 1 mile and drink 1 beer. He wants to complete it before turning 30 in May. How does he do it? For part 5, click here.

  • THE INSIDERS: Spiker Fischer Steele Part 5

    Channel 13’s Dave Price sits down with Run Drink Iowa’s Zach Steele. Quick Six includes his favorite beer, favorite food with beer, if he prefers can or bottle, his predictions and more.

  • AGRIBUSINESS: Producers, Ag Bloggers Stand Together Against Panera Bread Campaign

      Panera Bread has charged poultry producers – and essentially farmers in general – with taking the easy way out instead of making tough decisions. Panera has labeled producers who use antibiotics to treat their animals when they’re sick as lazy and producers who don’t use antibiotics as hard workers. Producers and ag bloggers have taken a stand and challenged Panera’s statement that farmers believe hard work pays off eventually, but lazy pays off now.   Blogger Dairy Carrie has […]

  • AGRIBUSINESS: Aquaculture Operation Challenges Across the State

    Producers converting old hog barns into fish farms is one of the primary ways aquaculture has been introduced in Iowa. That kind of transition naturally raises questions of how different raising one animal is from another.   One challenge in raising fish as opposed to hogs is water quality. Producers can easily sense air quality for hogs – they’re both breathing the same stuff, but that changes with fish. Producers who do well raising fish have to be hands-on.   […]

  • AGRIBUSINESS: Millions to help PEDV

    After a $350,000 injection of funds into porcine epidemic diarrhea virus or PEDV, the National Pork Board has put four fifths of a million dollars at containment and elimination of the disease. PEDV stops young pigs from absorbing any nutrients, thereby killing them: cutting down on herd sizes and costing pork producers. But should you be worried about the pork in your freezer? National Pork Board doctor, Lisa Becton, says definitely not. The disease affects pigs only, so there is […]

  • AGRIBUSINESS: EPA’s Release of Personal Information Leads to Introduction of Senate Legislation

    Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly have introduced legislation to protect livestock and poultry farmers from having personal information released by the Environmental Protection Agency. The bill stems from the release of the personal information of more than 80,000 livestock and poultry owners from across the country to three activist groups. Grassley’s office notes the EPA disclosed information on people in Iowa owning as few as one pig and an individual who owned 12 horses. In fact […]

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