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13 Fascinating Facts about Monica:

1. I’m a desert child, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. The Des Moines mountain lion doesn’t scare me, but winter does.
2. I‘ve made it to the Grand Canyon, but not Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend…a bit of a sin for native Arizonans.
3. I love traveling. I studied abroad in northern Italy and visited 6 countries in one month. Next on my bucket list is Asia!
4. Sadly, I’m not related to shoe designer Steve Madden or NFL coach/announcer John Madden. But in grade school I convinced my PE coach John was my uncle and it got me out of running the mile one day.
5. I did go on to run track in high school. Ran middle distance and pole vaulted. Quit my second year when it conflicted with musical rehearsals. Sports aren’t my thing.
6. My college friends called me “musical Monica” due to how often I randomly break into song. I’ve been doing musical theatre since middle school, and did competitive singing in high school.
7. My grade school teachers called me “motor mouth Monica” due to how often I talked.
8. I’m the type of person who will cross the street just to pet a cute dog I see.
9. I am the oldest of 3 (a brother and a sister) and have the disposition to show it.
10. Prior to this career path, I wanted to be a Broadway actress, a lawyer, a teacher, first female POTUS…I have a LOT of interests.
11. My family name was O’Madden before my ancestors came to Ellis Island. I’m mostly Irish & German, but have a bit of Native American in me too.
12. I can’t go to sleep without white noise and a sleep mask.
13. I’m a huge music junkie. Pretty sure Elvis was my first crush but my top favorites include Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and The Rollings Stones.

Monica Madden joined WHO-TV as a reporter and anchor in June 2019, after graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and minor in Business.

During Monica’s time at Mizzou, she worked as a reporter, anchor and digital producer at the local NBC-affiliate, KOMU 8 News. On campus, Monica was involved in lots of extracurricular, including Mizzou Off Broadway, the Student Suicide Prevention Coalition, and various leadership roles in her sorority.

She was always keen on politics, but truly caught the bug after spending a semester in New York interning at NBC for Andrea Mitchell Reports. She looks forward to covering the Iowa legislative session and learning more about Iowa politics.

Monica grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t fallen in love with the Midwest its people.

Monica mostly covers politics, but is always open to a good story regardless of the topic. If you have story ideas, email Monica or connect with her on social media; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @themonicamadden

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  • Iowa Senators Consider Bills to Regulate Vape Products

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa senators are considering two separate bills that would impact where you can vape and how old you have to be to purchase tobacco or vapor products. One bill changes Iowa law to follow a recent change federally, which raised the minimum buying age for tobacco products from 18 to 21. The other bill would add vaping products and electronic cigarettes to the Iowa Clean Air Act. This would prohibit vaping in certain public areas like […]

  • Rivalry Grows Between Sanders and Warren in Weeks Before Caucuses

    MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Senator Elizabeth Warren told reporters on Sunday that she is “disappointed” in Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for reportedly “sending his volunteers out to trash me.” Her comments follow a POLITICO report that the Sanders campaign instructed volunteers to criticize Warren to voters as bringing “no new bases into the Democratic Party” and appealing to “highly-educated, more affluent people.” This also comes after the latest Des Moines Reigster/CNN/Mediacom Iowa poll showing Warren neck-and-neck with Sanders, along with Pete […]

  • Iowa Auditor Slams State Medicaid Program for ‘flawed’ Data

    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa Department of Human Services provided data for an audit of its Medicaid Home Health Program that was so flawed that it was unusable, the state auditor said Thursday. Auditor Rob Sand’s report said his staff tried for months to get usable data on the number of patients served, the services received and fees paid. It took eight months to get information from DHS that could be analyzed and even then, the data was […]

  • Former Sec. of State John Kerry ‘doubts’ Iran will Negotiate with U.S.

    ADEL, Iowa — Former Secretary of State John Kerry came to Iowa to campaign for Joe Biden and spent the majority of his speech discussing Iran, and how he thinks Biden would handle things differently than President Donald Trump. “If Joe Biden were president, we would be negotiating the next round we knew we would have to move to,” Kerry said, speaking about the Iranian nuclear deal. Kerry helped negotiate that deal during his time in the Obama administration. He […]

  • Governor, Top Lawmakers Outline 2020 Legislative Priorities

    DES MOINES, Iowa — With less than a week until the Iowa legislative session begins, the governor and top lawmakers are detailing their top priorities for 2020. At the annual AP legislative forum, both Democratic and Republican leadership signaled potential bipartisanship on issues like child care and workforce development. “I’ve already heard of some of my friends on the other side talking about very similar issues,” newly elected Speaker of the House Pat Grassley, R-New Hartford, said. “I think there’s […]

  • Group Feels Urgency Ahead of Election to Restore Felons’ Voting Rights

    DES MOINES, Iowa — With less than a month until the Iowa caucuses, more than 52,000 Iowans with felony convictions are unsure if they will be able to participate. For Jarvis Guyton, voting is something he dreams about doing. “Before I even got to vote, it was taken away from me,” Guyton said. Guyton has been out of prison for almost a decade after serving two years for a drug conviction. When he was released, he said he was unsure […]

  • Actor Kevin Costner Rallies With Pete Buttigieg in Indianola

    INDIANOLA, Iowa — Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg hopes some Hollywood star power can help him add to his support in Iowa. “Field of Dreams” star Kevin Costner returned to Iowa to support Buttigieg after endorsing him last week. Costner and Buttigieg spoke to a crowd of m ore than 1,200 at Indianola High School Sunday afternoon. Costner believes Buttigieg is the answer to the nation’s divisions. “When Pete speaks of unity, it’s the kind of unity I’ve been waiting and […]

  • Joppa Gives Christmas Dinner, Sense of Belonging to Homeless

    DES MOINES, Iowa — For this holiday season, a metro nonprofit gave more than just material goods to the homeless community Friday night. Joppa, a nonprofit that works to help end homelessness, hosted its 11th annual Christmas Celebration for more than 300 homeless people. The event included a warm meal, stations for them to fill up bags with winter goods and gifts, haircuts and even massages. “It brings together homeless people that normally wouldn’t have Christmas festivities,” said Bonnie Schroder, […]

  • State Auditor Rob Sand Announces Embezzlement Investigation of Former MWA Executive

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  A former executive with the Metro Waste Authority is accused of stealing nearly two million dollars from the organization using a series of sham companies. State Auditor Rob Sand announced the results of the investigation into MWA finances on Thursday.  Sand’s office found that former MWA Director of Operations Jeff Dworek was responsible for “improper disbursements” of $1.83 million dollars. “What is essentially a scheme of using a shell company to make improper payments of taxpayers […]

  • Iowa Democratic Party Announces Approved Satellite Caucuses

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Democratic Party announced 99 satellite caucus locations for voters Wednesday, in part of a party-wide effort to increase participation and accessibility. “I’m really excited about it and I just think it demonstrates our commitment here to make sure these are the most transparent and successful caucuses we’ve ever had,” IDP chairman, Troy Price, said. Satellite caucuses will allow Iowa voters to caucus in pre-approved places other than their assigned precinct location. These locations include 71 […]

  • Warren Says She Can Balance Campaigning and Impeachment Proceedings

    OTTUMWA, Iowa — This week will determine if the impeachment trial will head to the Senate, which would make life busier for the five senators vying for the Democratic nomination for president. To reporters in Ottumwa on Sunday evening, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she’s ready to travel back and forth from Washington, D.C. to Iowa if the trial goes to the Senate. “This is about whether or not presidents get to decide on their own that they can advance their […]

  • Jason Carter Files Civil Lawsuit Against Investigators, Father

    MARION COUNTY, Iowa — The Carter vs. Carter case has moved into a new phase now that Jason Carter has filed a lawsuit of his own. Two years ago Jason was found civilly responsible for the 2015 shooting death of his mother Shirley Carter and ordered to pay a $10 million judgment. But in March of this year, a jury found him not guilty of first-degree murder. “That was one of the happiest days and we are so thankful,” Jason’s […]

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