Favorite Quote: “It’s not about you.” Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life.

Writes Left handed, Throws Right Handed.

Flew with the Navy Blue Angels on a media ride.

Covered stories in all 99 Counties in Iowa

Played the Trumpet in High School and College Marching Band

Freelance works with ESPN’s announcers on college basketball

Plays guitar in church worship band.

Movie ‘Final Season” was on my High School, Norway IA

Was always the smallest kid in school.

Rode on RAGBRAI for the first time in 2014

Favorite Iowa Restaurant: Colony Inn Amana

Favorite Iowa Place: West Lake Okoboji

Favorite Iowa State Park: Ledges

Roger Riley has worked around the state of Iowa for several decades in TV news working in Cedar Rapids and Sioux City Markets prior to landing in Central Iowa.

A graduate of Eastern New Mexico University, Roger worked at the Quay County Sun in Tucumcari, NM for a short while before breaking into television at KBIM-TV in Roswell NM.

Roger started with WHO-TV in 2004 as a photojournalist. After 10 years on the morning show, he began as a multi-media journalist in 2014. He is best known at WHO-HD for doing live car-cam shots of tornadoes and blizzards around central IA. He also enjoys doing features on interesting people in IA.

Roger grew up on a farm near Norway, Iowa where he went to High School.

Roger & his wife Susie have 3 kids, 2 daughters-in law, 1 son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren.

Recent Articles
  • Iowa State Art Installation Inspires People to Interpret the Meaning

    AMES, Iowa — When work began planning for the new Advance Teaching and Research Building at Iowa State, part of the plan included artwork for the lobby. The five-floor building on the corner of Stange Road and University on campus, houses three departments. This week installation was completed by Los Angeles artist Gaston Nogues. “They’ve been asking what is it,” said Nogues. “So, that’s been the main question, we want people to basically interpret this thing.” The fiberglass artwork is […]

  • It’s a Merry Tuba Christmas in Ames

    AMES, Iowa — It’s an annual tradition here, Merry Tuba Christmas. For nine years, Ames has welcomed this gathering of low brass instruments, performing traditional Christmas carols. “I used to teach in Akron, Ohio, at the University of Akron,” said Tuba Christmas conductor Michael Golemo. “The tuba teacher there, Tucker Jolly, does Tuba Christmas with 400 tuba players for each of their performances. It’s quite a big deal, so we thought he would bring it here to Ames.” Golemo also […]

  • Forgotten 8-Track Tapes Now Focus of Ames Radio Broadcast

    AMES, Iowa- An Ames radio station is hosting a radio station unlike any. KHOI Community Radio is the home of Bob’s 8-Track Garage Sale. The weekly show features oldies music played only on 8-track tapes. Bob Anders, the host of the show, is a retired banker, with stints in radio in Iowa, and in military service in Vietnam. “Got to know the radio board and how the system works, it kind of gets into your skin,” said Anders. “The end […]

  • Canadian Pacific Holiday Train Travels across Eastern Iowa

    LANSING, Iowa- The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train rolled across northeast Iowa on Wednesday, stopping here in this scenic river town. “Welcome to the 20th anniversary of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train,” said singer Willie Porter as the stage opened from the side of a rail car, “This great band up here is the Trewes. The musicians did some Christmas oriented rock music with lights and fog billowing into the cold night. This effort by the CP is to great goodwill, […]

  • Fort Dodge Hosts Jolly Trolley Christmas

    FORT DODGE, Iowa- The Trolley Center here played host to the first ever Jolly Trolley Christmas. One day, not long ago, people were having coffee in Bloomers, inside the Trolley Center. “In the coffee shop upstairs, we got to talking about the fact that it would be nice to do something to stimulate some holiday activity downtown,” said Roger McCullough, who has an office in the Trolley Center. So a couple of weeks ago, the Jolly Trolley Christmas planning began. […]

  • Long Time Dakota City Christmas Light Show Ending

    DAKOTA CITY, Iowa — It started 34 years ago, with one strand of lights. Now, 2018 may be the last for Merlin Fort’s Hillside Christmas Spectacular. There are 150,000 lights on 54 switches. The lights and motors powering the displays run for $6.00 and hour. Donations have helped Fort to break even. “There’s no other place like it and to meet all the people, one year we had 39 tour buses,” said Fort. “It takes almost about 50 days to […]

  • Mt. Ayr Honors Astronaut Peggy Whitson in Stone

    MT. AYR, Iowa- Astronaut Peggy Whitson will be honored in her hometown area. A giant boulder will be painted as a tribute to Whitson, who spent more time in space, than any other woman, and who also served as a Commander of the International Space Station. “Came up with it one evening, and I told my wife, that I had this wild idea, that might be crazy but something we can work on was a Peggy Whitson rock, like the […]

  • Madrid Toy Shop Sending Handmade Toys Worldwide

    MADRID, Iowa- Eight years ago the operator of a Des Moines daycare had a problem, too many broken toys. “I had a whole basket for toys that were broken and I asked my husband to fix them, he decided he was going to make the kids new toys for Christmas,” said Stacy Bannor, co-owner of Bannor Toys in Madrid. Stacy’s husband Jesse Bannor to the mission to heart. “I worked in mortgage, I had a day job, I enjoyed woodworking […]

  • NOEL the Musical Created by Two Men Living in Ames

    AMES, Iowa-The new production called NOEL the Musical will open Friday night at Stephens Auditorium. NOEL is on a tour of the Midwest, 20 cities, including Akron OH, Cedar Rapids, and Modesto CA. This musical was born out of a meeting arranged by a mutual friend to dinner in Ames. “Michael moved here 5 years ago,we were introduced by a friend, a common friend, who told me I know a guy who sings you ought to meet him,” said Steve […]

  • Boondocks Auction May Open a New Chapter for Closed Truckstop

    WILLIAMS, Iowa- Boondocks, the landmark truck stop which recently closed, has been auctioned off. The restaurant, convenience store, shop, and motel has been sold to a California company for $500,000. “Disappointed in the price, I figure that’s the way things are and I accept it,” said longtime owner Bob Welch. “If it were up to me, I’d open it up again on Monday.” Welch said he was joking, but his wife Miriam thought it was time for her 83 year-old […]

  • Aladdin Opens at the Des Moines Civic Center

    DES MOINES, Iowa- The musical Disney’s Aladdin opens Wednesday at the Civic Center. The production was adapted from the Broadway musical and the animated Disney film. The story is of one lamp and three wishes. “They’ve done an amazing job taking the Broadway show and putting it on tour so there’s no difference between the Broadway version and the tour version,” said Lisa deGuzman, who plays Jasmine in Aladdin. “It is a dream come true, truly it’s been awesome to […]

  • Gilbert Couple’s Big Dream Brings Cabin Coffee to Ames

    AMES, Iowa- Two weeks ago Cabin Coffee opened in Ames. On Monday the business held its Grand Opening with an Ames Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting. The Clear Lake based Cabin Coffee has opened stores in six states, and six in Iowa. They have expanded from Clear Lake to Mason City, Lisbon, Waterloo, and Forest City. It was the Forest City location, which opened 10 years ago, which caught the attention of Paul and Tammy Jacobson. “Seven years ago my […]