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John Sears: 13 Fascinating Facts
• In 8th grade I cracked 3 vertebrae in my lower back from the stress of growing. I had to wear a back brace (full with ‘bendable’ metal rods) for 1 year. To make things more embarrassing for a 14 year old, the metal detector would go off at the airport and I had to take off my shirt, then show and explain that I had a back brace on.

• I played the piano for 4 years. I can still play ‘Yankee Doodle.’ I played the trumpet for a week in 6th grade.

• I was an intern at channel 13 in 2002. My very first interview was with Tito Ortiz (the light heavyweight champion of the world), this before MMA was really big. I interviewed him about the Mike Tyson-Lennox Lewis fight and whether or not he could take Tyson. He said Tyson wouldn’t last 30 seconds in the ring with him. Pretty sure that interview jumpstarted his career.

• I’ve had a high metabolism my whole life. I rarely ever gain weight, and yes I’ve tried. I used to drink three 2200 calorie protein shakes a day, it did nothing.

• I played baseball for 1 year in high school. I was a 1st baseman and could do the splits. In my very first at bat, on the very first pitch, I hit a homerun over the center field wall. Some say the ball still hasn’t landed. I retired after that season.

• My favorite sport to watch is football. My favorite sport to play is golf. When I was younger I played all sports, but was best at soccer and baseball.

• I was incredibly shy when I was younger.

• I had white/blonde hair growing up, it’s now brown. My wife has brown hair. Our daughter has red hair, go figure. I love it.

• I taught swim lessons for 5 years as a college summer job, proof that even I can somewhat get a tan. My very first job was at Soccer Connections, a soccer sporting goods store.

• One of the very first stories I covered as a ‘paid’ sports reporter was Boston vs St. Louis in the 2004 World Series. My first job was in Jefferson City, MO…Huge Cardinal territory.

• I’m a sucker for good pepperoni pizza, BBQ, lasagna, pancheros burritos, mint chocolate chip shakes and hot tamales.

• I had 2 pet iguana’s growing up. 1 named Iggy, the other Bo (after Bo Jackson).

• I (along with 2 buddies) used to sweep the floor at halftime of our boy’s high school basketball games. We would dress up in full costume while sweeping.

John Sears joined the Channel 13 Sports team in July of 2012 after spending almost 6 years at KCRG in Cedar Rapids, IA as a Sports Reporter/Anchor. Prior to that John spent a year at KMEG in Sioux City and a year at KRCG in Jefferson City, MO. There’s a good chance John has covered every high school team in the state of Iowa, in some sport.

John is local, growing up his entire life in the Des Moines area. He attended Dowling High School and later the University of Iowa. He graduated with a degree in journalism and communications. John has covered everything sports related. You name it; it’s likely he’s covered it.

In his spare time (not that he has much) John likes to play golf, coach his kids sports teams, go out to a good movie or comedy show, hang out with friends and family, and cheer on his beloved Chicago Bears. John and his wife Maria married in 2008 and are kept busy at home with their wild kids Adrienne, Jack, and Sam plus their beagle, Bob, and cat Belle.
If you have a story idea, feel free to email john. Or, you can follow him on twitter @johnsears.

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  • Murphy’s Law: Steele Returns, Hawks Flop, NFL in London?

    By: John Sears The Cyclones have a Quarterback, for now.  ‘Good’ Steele showed up Saturday night to torch the nation’s worst defense in Baylor. Jantz tied 2 school records, completions in a game (36), and passing TD’s (5).  Now, was Baylor’s D bad?  Yes.  But regardless, Jantz made the throws, he threw for 381 yards and managed the game.  Steele gets an ‘A-‘ from me.  Next week it ramps up, Oklahoma’s defense is much better than Baylor.  Props to the […]

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    By: John Sears Oklahoma’s dominance over Iowa State continued on Saturday.  The Sooners are now 70-5-2 all-time against the Cyclones.  They’ve never lost in Jack Trice Stadium.  Same old story for ISU, defense makes plays, keeps them in it for a while, but the offense can’t do anything.  Unfortunately this is ISU football in 2012.  Unless the defense has an A+ game its likely the result will be a loss.  I give the defense a B-, that may be generous.  […]

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