AAA Expects Increase in Bus Travel this Thanksgiving

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DES MOINES, Iowa — When you think of Thanksgiving travel you might think about a road trip with the family or fighting long lines at the airport, but fewer people consider taking the bus to their final destination.

Ricky Lee Jurgensen is one of an estimated 1.48 million passengers who AAA estimates will travel this holiday by bus, train, or cruise ship. For the short-ish ride from Kansas City to visit his brother in Des Moines, he says it’s the way to travel.

“It’s pretty nice, you just gotta make sure you watch for your city and everything and you’re set. You can actually kick back and rest and everything. It’s a good ride” said Jurgensen.

Others getting off the bus weren’t quite as enthusiastic.

“It was boring….I read a book the whole time by Kobe Bryant” said 15 year-old Terrell Tate.

While reading a book may be the more traditional way to go, most buses offer free on board WiFi and charging stations.

While bus travel is far less used it’s actually on the rise, AAA estimates about 1.5% percent bump in the people riding buses this Thanksgiving.


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