Advocate Rallies Outside Metro Walmart To End Gun Sales

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa — He’s just one man but Robert Disney believes his message is powerful.  “I’ve had enough.  I’m sick of the gun violence we are seeing across our country.  It doesn’t matter where you are,” said Robert.

Groups like Gunsdown America, March For Our Lives and the #WalmartMustAct Coalition are holding rallies near Walmarts across the country.  Urging the nation’s largest retailer to stop selling guns and providing political donations to NRA backed lawmakers in the wake of thirty-one deaths to recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.  “We know that they do their best to sell guns in a safe manner that’s not a problem. The problem is that they have the opportunity to make not only shootings at Walmart stop but shootings across the country stop.  That’s what we are calling them to do.”

The Windsor Heights Walmart may be far from his home in Washington D.C. but  the support is fuel for hope.  “You got people honking, people putting up their thumbs. I’ve literally only had one guy put a thumbs down,” he said.

Robert says his passion comes from past pain.  A mass shooting in Colorado in 1999.  “My family was at Columbine. My brother-in-law was a sniper for the SWAT team and had to respond to his own kid’s school.”

Just a year ago Walmart received praise for prohibiting gun sales to anyone under the age of 21 at their stores.  They halted the sales of assault style weapons in 2015 and most recently they’ve removed violent video game displays and graphics but Robert says they have the power to do more.  “I grew up hunting.  I have no problem with gun owners.  I have a problem with people who use guns in a way they hurt themselves or others.  That’s what we are trying to stop and that’s what Walmart can do.”

Each honk as a car goes in or out of the Walmart parking lot isn’t just a sign of support, Robert says it’s a sign that change is coming. He said, “It means 2020 is coming. That is what it means. 2020 is coming and Walmart needs to get right.

As of Saturday afternoon, over 130,000 names have signed a petition on for Walmart to stop gun sales entirely.




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