Farmers Plant a Fifth of Corn Crop


Corn planting. (WHO-HD)

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Farmers got to corn planting this last week with 4.3 days good for field work.

According to the Iowa Crop Progress Report, farmers planted about a sixth of the crop in one week. Now 21 percent of corn is in the ground. Two days ahead of last year but two days behind the five-year average.

Soybean planting has started too, with three percent in the ground. Similar to last year and the average.

Most of the oat crop has been planted at 77 percent. With 14 percent emerging.

Moisture levels across the state continued to stabilize from over-saturation early this month. Twenty-five percent of topsoil and 33 percent of subsoil had surplus moisture levels.

State Climatologist Justin Glisan says Iowa saw wet conditions early on, but since the middle of the month it has been unseasonably dry, which helped get excess water out of the soil. Also helping, were above average temperatures.

But Glisan says entering into a rainier season sporadic rains will start to hit or miss fields across the state, “Looking at the short-term outlooks moving into may, we’re trending normal, temperature wise, and then cooler than average but also trending slightly wetter than average. So, again, we’re in an active period where we see a majority of the high intensity rainfall that we see during the growing season.”


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