Al Gore in Des Moines

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Tonight, Al Gore plays headliner for the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner. Let’s see if it runs a little closer to schedule than last year. Six prez candidates got their chance to show off their oratory skills then. If memory serves me, it wasn’t the smoothest night. It started late. There weren’t nearly enough concession stands/workers for people in the cheap seats to get some eats. And Obama took the microphone too late to make many of the print reporters’ deadlines to make the Sunday papers, plus he was too late to make much of an appearance on the late television newscasts. I did get to hang out with Tim Russsert though. That made the whole night worth it. I sure miss him.

It’s just Al Gore this year, along with state democrats trying to get a little face time before the election. I’ll be curious what kind of crowd it draws.

I doubt we’ll get this kind of excitement though:)


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