AUTHORITIES REACT: Kathlynn Search ‘Taxing’

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With the case now closed, officers and deputies in the area are reflecting on the case that changed their community.

Kathlynn's story has taken a toll not only on the family and community members but also the fire and police units that helped looked for her.

“We have two cars and four guys so we pretty well doubled up where we could,” Dayton Police Chief, Nick Dunbar expalined.

It was tough on those tracking Kathlynn's story and even tougher on those who tried to bring her back to safety, “It was taxing on our department and on the Dayton police department, on the state, on everybody,” Webster County sheriff, James Stubbs said.

Dayton police said throughout the search they were exhausted. They relied on other departments to help with daily duties.There are only about 20 officers between both the city of Dayton and Webster County.

Even though they were understaffed for the massive search, the Webster County sheriff said no one ever complained.

“I think in essence the adrenaline keeps you going. It’s not where it’s a burden to do this. Everyone was willing to put in the hours and time to sacrifice to find the outcome,” Sheriff Stubbs added.

Authorities say what also kept them motivated, were all those who volunteered their time to join in the search for Kathlynn.


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