Authorities: Son Forced Elderly Father to Crawl, Stepped on Fingers Because He Thought it Was ‘Funny’


Douglas Maier (WHO-HD)

ANKENY, Iowa – An Ankeny man has been arrested after his 89-year-old father told deputies he caused a fall that resulted in broken ribs, was forced to crawl on hands and knees because he wasn’t allowed to use his walker, and was only fed cold canned corn.

Sixty-year-old Douglas Maier was booked into the Polk County Jail Wednesday night on one charge of dependant adult abuse.

The criminal complaint in the case says the victim, Albert Maier, told Polk County Sheriff’s deputies his son kicked him in the leg on Oct. 14th because he was “in the way” and caused him to fall. He suffered several rib fractures in the fall.

Albert also told investigators his son often doesn’t let him use his walker, which forces him to crawl on his hands and knees, “then steps on his fingers while crawling thinking this was funny.”

According to Albert, Douglas refuses to feed him anything besides two cans of cold corn a day. He also claims as long as he’s been living with his son, which is 25 years, his son has been cashing his Social Security checks and keeping the money for himself.

Douglas Maier is being held on a bond of $50,000.


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