Birthday in the Facebook era, More Pain for Cyclone Fans, Thumbs Up for Ebert

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  • Sorry. I’m writing late tonight because I ate so much birthday cheesecake, I made myself sick. Lesson learned. Well, until next year.
  • I had a great birthday. The older I get, the more I admit how much it means to hear from friends and family on the one day so many people sincerely hope we feel special. Thanks, in part, to Facebook, I’ve never felt more warmth.
  • Andy Fales gave me both Guinness and Harp. I’m not sure what that says about him, or me, but I appreciate it.
  • I learned today that I share a birthday with Chris Martin (Coldplay), Dr. Seuss, Eddie Money,  Karen Carpenter, and Jon Bon Jovi.
  • Another kick to the stones for Cyclone fans, though they had to know it was coming. A losing culture has worked its way into the men’s basketball program. When the Clones led Missouri late, I wondered aloud, “How will Iowa State blow it?”. When ISU threw the ball away in OT and Missouri had 5.9 seconds to go the length of the court, I texted my Cyclone buddy courtside and told him to, “Cover up. Here it comes.” Seconds later, Missouri hit a shot at the buzzer to win. Everyone watching knew it was coming. Missouri was bad Tuesday night. Iowa State was worse. A one game microcosm of the entire season.
  • The Ames High boys roll into State with 50 straight wins. The Little Cyclones will be the main attraction. In fact, they’ll probably outdraw the big Cyclones.
  • A lesson in supply and demand. As the University of Iowa continues slashing prices on men’s basketball tickets, it raises the cost of seeing a Hawkeye football game. It’s the first increase in three years, and it’s only $3 a game. With the expectations for next season, not to mention a great home schedule, the U of I could have jacked the price up even more and still sold out the season.
  • I was stunned by Roger Ebert’s appearance on Oprah. He’s lost much of his lower face from numerous cancer surgeries. Ebert’s mind remains so sharp and distinctive, we’re reminded how we look isn’t who we are. Thumbs up, Mr. Ebert.
  • I haven’t watched Parenthood yet, but I have it on the DVR. I hope it’s as good as the reviews. NBC needs a good hour long drama/comedy.


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