DHS, Teachers and Taxes, and Spills

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Good Morning
We talk about morning routine here quite a bit, so, most of you already know I do the same thing every morning getting ready. I have it timed out so that I arrive at work about the same time every morning.
So, Why were you late this morning Pat?
Turns out I am also clumsy at three in the morning. I was getting my coffee ready and hit the carafe on the counter. The hot coffee spilled all over my shirt. Good Times.
The worst part about it is that I have to go back upstairs and get a new shirt. No problem for most of you, but when I walk up the stairs I wake Sally up AGAIN.

You know what it’s like, you are just asleep and are startled awake by a sound you don’t expect…she’s never sure if it’s me or someone breaking into the house.

To the news
So some of the DHS’s county offices will go part-time. The problem is that The State is asking its employees to retire early to save money. As you might expect the state’s largest agency has the most retirements.
I understand people’s concern that their local office won’t be there five days a week. The problem is, Iowa doesn’t need 99 county offices…we don’t need 99 counties, but that’s another conversation. Just my opinion, but I think when budget gets tight pairing down the amount of government in this state ought to be a bigger priority.

Teachers and taxes
Same subject different venue. Should it surprise anyone that School Districts are short on money? In Ankeny taxes are going up…big time. I have to smile thinking of the people who said they’d never buy a home in Des Moines because the taxes are SO HIGH. Well here come the higher taxes in the suburbs. I doubt this is the end of it.

Speaking of…
The Senate Majority leader is accusing the Des Moines School District leaders of scare tactics? As someone who lives in the Des Moines District I am glad my District leaders laid out the worst case scenario. They always painted the picture as worst case. It was up to the legislature to decide how much money schools get.
So here’s a question for the Majority leader: If you were so sure you were going to restore funding to the levels the Governor asked for, why didn’t you come out and say that in every news conference you had so you were on the record?
Was the District playing politics by announcing what the cuts would be? Sure. I’m OK with that. If Education really wasn’t up for debate, then why not pass the funding first bill out of the gate?

Church under Fire
A priest in western Massachusetts says the Pope needs to resign. Good luck with that, but the mere fact that a priest is calling for Church Leadership to admit they now only knew what was going on, they covered it up, is amazing. If you really think about it, if you really look at all fo the facts, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion than Church leadership knew about pervasive abuse among priests and didn’t do anything about it. An active effort to cover it up is debatable, but it’s getting less and less debatable each week.
One can only hope for change on a MASSIVE scale in the Catholic Church.

Other news of Note:
-I loved the Masters. I loved the outcome. I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t rooting for Phil and Amy Mickelson.
-The Governor’s re-election campaign has a new manager. Any business, or organization that has had that much turnover in that short a time raises an eyebrow. Combine that with the stories that just about anyone can tell you about working with the current Gov and the word dis functional comes to mind.
-If Kate Gosselen is so upset at the characterization of her as an absentee Mom in the Media, why is she spending time in New York City to defend herself? The Today show has satellite technology, they can come to her if she really believes being with her children is important. And can we stop interviewing her and her husband? What a train wreck.
-I’d love to go see the USS Iowa in person. I hope there is enough support to preserve this National Treasure.

I also hope you have a good day. Enjoy the weather.


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