Labor leaks over, Mayoral Race, and Daddy (and Mother-in-law) Daycare

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So Daddy daycare starts at our house today. Mom is headed to Texas for a little training. She’s arranged reinforcements for me though. Sally’s Mom will be staying with us. I’m not sure the DHS would be happy about me leaving my children for a few hours while I’m off doing the morning news. So it’s good Liz is here to help.

We’re lucky…Uber lucky to have so many people in our lives that make childcare so easy for us. The result is that we’re able to enjoy our time with our kids a lot more than I think we would be able to if we were splitting shifts and trying to slog through on our own.

Labor Leaks Over
The debate of the future of Unions in the country spills over in to Iowa today. There will be two rallies at the Iowa state capitol building today followed by a committee meeting debating the merits of a Republican proposal that would shift some issues out of collective bargaining. The Iowa proposal doesn’t go nearly as far as the Wisconsin one does but it’s still seen s an attack on Labor Unions.
The Stand-off in Wisconsin doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. Gov Walker appears to have the public on his side still. I have a question. How many of those thousands of people are being bussed in from other states? Fox News showed video of Dr’s from University of Wisconsin giving teachers notes to take back saying they were sick when they were really at the capitol. Remember last week when we said principals are only good when you have to stick by them in an inconvenient time? Why can’t these teacher go back to their district and take the consequence of choosing to go and exercise their right to protest? What does that teach a kid?

As an aside I found this article from the Chicago Sun-Times this morning. It’s a must read and I think it comes to some reasonable conclusions.
It points out the hypocrisy of many people on the left who were howling for civility after the Gabrielle Gifford shooting. Have you seen some of the signs at the rally in Madison?

Mayoral Race
Speaking of my Hometown of Chicago they’re electing a new mayor today. I have to say even I was surprised to hear this is the first time in 43 years that an incumbent isn’t on the ballot in the Windy City. The question today is, will Rahm Emanuel get 50% of the voter. If he does, game over, if he doesn’t, then the second highest vote getter will run off with Rahm.

I’m headed off the Noon set and home to drive my wife to the Airport.
Hop you have a good day!


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