Losing Legends, Packed Weekend, and Haircut

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Good afternoon…Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend…

Here are some thoughts to ponder and…hopefully…comment on before you go.

-Is Michael Jackson’s death worth an AP news FLASH? That’s how it was reported. Just for context…The beginning of the Gulf War, The Challenger explosion, Elvis’ death…all reported by AP news FLASH. It’s rarely used.

-He was an icon for sure. A game changer…am I so abnormal that I think the outpouring of grief from his fans is a little over the top? I note his passing, I respect the influence he had on music, I recognize the guy Had a LOT of flaws. I do not feel the need to cry, dance in the street, drive down the road with Michal’s music blaring, or lay on his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
– A friend brings up a good point. What happens to the rest of the Beatles library now?

-Arts Festival gets stated this afternoon. I think of Mo Dana, the late Director of the Arts Festival, a lot this time of year. Mo made me laugh, but she also amazing me with her tireless efforts to get Des Moines on the Art World’s Map. Get out to Arts Festival and show the artists from around the country what a wonderful place this is!

-Another showcase event gets going at Raccoon River Park Saturday with the Hy-Vee Triathlon. I’ll be out there Sunday morning for our AM show. Good luck to everyone competing!

We gave will a little haircut yesterday. He’s had a bit of a comb-over. He reminds me of a few of the teachers I had in High School.

I’m going to have a little lunch with my wife. I hope we’ll see some of you at the Arts Festival (We’ll be there Sunday) and At the Triathlon. I’ll be out there early Sunday as well.

Have a good one


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