MORNING BUZZ: Cold Open, Euro Robot and Hustled

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Good Morning!

Cold Open
We’ll start with the Weather. Anyone else sick of it? It’s not so much the temperature as it is the wind that seems to come along with all of our cold snaps. I’m also not fond of the wind after our Saturday morning at Wal-Mart. We parked out farther away from the store to avoid some of the tight parking spaces so as not to ding our new car. As I was opening the door, I was thinking…hang on tight…the wind might blow this one open on you. Sure enough, as soon as I let up my grip a little…a gust came up and blew the door at mach 12 toward the car next to me. Of course I dinged the car (it also looked pretty new). So I did the right thing and left a note with my information on it, hoping the person wouldn’t be too mad.
Turns out he couldn’t have been nicer about it. His name is Phil Schmidt. He’s a Drivers Ed instructor at SE Polk…which means he already knows a lot more about cars than I do. Anyway, he told me it was no big deal and that he could fix it. So Thanks Phil!

Euro Robot
So two French robots won five Grammys last night, confirming for me one more time why I don’t watch the Grammys. Seriously, Madonna in a ten gallon hat? Pink and couples Yoga? I’m all for performance art, but I think this just comes down to a difference in taste. Lorde, for instance would be my kind of performer. One that can actually sing and write her own songs…
The French Robots kept making me think of that movie, EuroTrip (What? Sue me I had HBO free for three months). One of the funniest scenes is this totally stupid and sophomoric movie was the French Robot battle scene. That and Matt Damon’s cameo.

Speaking of bad movies, Sally and I almost walked out of American Hustle this weekend. I know I know, I have no taste. I’ll tell you though, I was surprised how many people agreed with me when I posted that on Facebook this weekend. just don’t get it. What this supposed to be a thriller? Was it a comedy (cause a lot of us were laughing at inappropriate places). It just seemed so disjointed and random in its storytelling of true events! I know Bradley Cooper is one of the hottest actors out there right now but to me his character was totally overdone. So was Christian Bale. I thought Amy Adams was great, but were women in the 70’s really ALWAYS wearing shirts with a neckline that plunged to their bellybutton? I thought Jeremy Renner was great.
It’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen but it was right up there with Eyes Wide Shut and After Hours for the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen.
We were going to see Shadow Recruit but the timing didn’t work out. I wanted to see this movie… but more so that I could say I had. It felt more like homework than entertainment.

So I hope your weekend was relaxing.
Have a good week!


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