Rain, Ice Snow, Schools Closed and Power Out

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Good Morning.
We had a lot of “other news” in our show that just never made it on air this morning. I know most of you would probably say this is no fun to deal with, but I think Brooke would agree we really like to do morning’s on a day like this.

If you missed it, Des Moines Schools made the decision to close. Dr Seibring made that call a little earlier than we’re used to. I think parents would probably say that’s a good thing. There will always be a few people who complain that school shouldn’t have closed. Some of you will say the roads are fine…just a little slick, but I think they really try to consider the safety of the kids walking to school, the condition of the neighborhood stress…not just the major roads, and they try to anticipate what it’s going to be like later today. If you’ve seen a radar…it’s going to keep coming for a while.
I hope it didn’t inconvenience too many of you to have an unexpected snow day. I wonder what parents do on a day like today. Let us know!

The other big problem for today will be ice accumulation on power lines. We’re already hearing about downed power lines in Southeast Iowa and more here in the Des Moines area. The Power companies got ahead of this one as best they could. They were already anticipating this one yesterday and had crews in place.

How about that Jeriann Ritter? If you tuned in last night and this morning you likely noticed she was wearing the same thing. That’s because she was here for the evening shows yesterday and stayed for our show this morning. She really does like her job folks…If you’re a Meteorologist this is the time when you want to be a part of the action. We may have to physically remove her from the building today so she will go home and get some rest.
Great Job Jeriann!

Ambassadors of Harmony

This will be the third day of dealing with the ice for me. I was down in St Louis this weekend. Those of you with a really good memory will recall I posted about a Christmas Concert I go to every year. I meet my friend Shaun and his wife Erin down there(Sally couldn’t go this year).
Shaun’s Dad is in a Barbershop Chorus called The Ambassador’s of Harmony that does a big show. It’s a lot of fun, and these guys are really great.
The bonus was getting to meet Shaun’s niece Moyra. Moyra is six months old and is Shaun’s sister Megan’s first baby. It’s the family’s first grandchild so obviously everyone is really excited.

Shaun’s family is as close as I get to a second family. They’re all pretty close, but they’re one of those families that sucks in friends and in-laws to one big group. His sisters(there are three of them) have also become like family. Since they’re all younger than me…it’s been great to have “little” sisters.
Their home is a great place to be…for me it’s like a visit home.

The only thing about my second home this weekend…it was being hit by an ice storm. We watched the temperature hover around 32 all weekend and, like here, the first round fell as rain. Overnight into Sunday morning though, all that rain froze up. I decided to wait to come home until Monday….until I saw the 10pm forecast for more ice overnight Sunday into Monday. I got on the road around 10:30 and decided I’d try to get past the ice and rain coming into St Louis by spending the night in Columbia Mo. It turned out to be a good decision. I made it out of Columbia with few problems…

The thing about the drive home that was really striking was the change in conditions from place to place. In one part of Missouri, trees would be covered with freezing rain, and ten miles down the road it looked like nothing had fallen at all!
Anyway, kudos to the Missouri and Iowa Department of Transportation. They got me home safely.

I hope you all stay safe today. Tune into the Channel 13 news at 5 and 6 for the latest on the power outages and all of the day’s news!


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