Scams, Legacy and Protests

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Good Morning!
Had the chance to take a GREAT run last night using the trail through Greenwood Park down by the old Science Center. I always feel better in the morning when I run the night before…but the biggest difference is how little my feet hurt this morning. I know I’ve said this before but I’d been running in shoes that were a half size too small. Makes a huge difference to have shoes that actually fit. (PAUSE FOR ABOUT THREE HOURS)

I’m finishing up this blog after an eventful break between shows. I called home after the Morning news to hear JT SCREAMING in the background. I recognized it cause he did it to me for an hour after he got up from his nap yesterday. When he’s like this…something is wrong. Turns out…there is. He and Will both have strep. We now know JT is going to get a red rash on his face and body pretty much every time he gets strep. Good to know.

I heard about this latest Wells Fargo Scam on Tuesday from our friend Lynette. She’s not a Wells customer and got a call…at ONE IN THE MORNING!!! As if these scams weren’t annoying enough…now they wake you up.
I’ve said it before…I just can’t imagine this adding up to someone. even someone who has a Wells Fargo account. There’s never a reason you can’t ask the person on the other end of the phone to give you a number to call back…then match it up with customer service numbers that are easily available for Wells Fargo. You NEVER NEVER give anyone information about yourself unless you initiate the call.

Steve Jobs is being remembered for the innovation he brought to the consumer electronics industry. Even people who never owned an apple have Jobs to thank for the tiny computers we carry around to communicate.
Apple pushed everyone else to build a better mousetrap. Maybe more amazing to those of us who like this kind of thing, Jobs built his company from the garage up…He risked…he invested, he micromanaged and even when it looked like Apple has been passed by…he never gave up on his dream. To top all of that off he was a pretty good corporate citizen. Very few of the people who worked for him were complaining. I had these thoughts as I was watching our next story.

I welcome the peaceful protests called occupy Wall Street, organizing here in Iowa. Protest all you like. As long as it’s peaceful
I have some thoughts and questions for the protesters…I’m just curious. Where did you buy your clothes? Where did those iPods you’re using to tweet come from? You say you have a college degree but no job? And it’s corporate America’s fault? Maybe Ancient Mesopotamian Sanskrit wasn’t the best choice for a major?
My point is this. Some of these people aren’t the poor and disenfranchised workers… When are we going to stop trying to blame someone else for how our lives turn out.
I’ve worked for corporations that were pulling 20% profits while they were cutting salaries and benefits. I’ve had managers that clearly held the bottom line over quality product or the people who produced it. I’ve also had chances to leave here…maybe find more money or more career success. I made choices and those choices have led to some good and some bad results. The key there is…I made the choices.
There are people who may have a legitimate beef in this crowd and the fact that much of corporate America is sitting on mounds of cash is a debatable point…but being against “corporate greed” is a little like painting all Union Laborers as overpaid and lazy.

Corporations, are by definition greedy. Take the best of our corporate citizens. Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? Do you really think they EVER go into a meeting and say, “how can we redistribute some of our profits to the working men and women who made it happen?” No way. They say. How can we work more efficiently, smarter…not harder…so we can make even more money…crush our competition and pay a decent wage so we goble up the best and brightest workers.
The idea that Wall Street owes anything to these people is backwards…. They tried redistribution of wealth. It failed in a little place called the Soviet Union.

Corporations should have incentive to do the right thing by their people and by the communities they serve. Consumers and the Marketplace have the ability to reward good corporate citizens and punish the bad ones. That’s generally not how it works. It’s our own fault. We look for the cheapest goods…the best deals.
And if these people want jobs…there are hundreds of them at packing plants and farms in the south and any number of industries these protesters see as beneath them…or not high paying enough. Do you want jobs…or do you want the job you’ve concocted in your mind where you make six figures and work four days a week?
In a bad economy you don’t always get your first choice. Ask your grandparents if they’re still alive. I bet their parents made some heartbreaking choices that crushed a little part of their spirit during the depression. It built character and in some cases solidified what was really important into rock solid values.
You can occupy Wall Street all you like…It’s not going to change that Ancient Mesopotamian Sanskrit degree…

Fire away…I know some of you will disagree.


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