That’s It?, Phillie Foursome, Freezing Hassel

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  • For 45 minutes, Gary Barta and Kirk Ferentz faced an overflow gathering of media and said — nothing. Or close to it. Ferentz says no further suspensions expected, and Barta admits players likely figured out how to beat drug tests, but for the most part it, it was a stop the rumors, damage control day. I’d say mission accomplished, mostly.
  • Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels. That’s the most ridiculous rotation of my lifetime. Anyone out there old enough to remember when the Orioles had four 20-game winners? Those were different days.
  • The Vikings will play outdoors at the University of Minnesota’s stadium Monday night against the Bears. Chris Hassel has tickets, and he’s the biggest cold weather wimp I’ve ever known. He’ll be miserable. The stadium holds 13,000 fewer people than the Metrodump, so maybe Chris can get a refund.
  • Brett Favre’s consecutive games streak is impressive, I guess, but I just haven’t ever cared about it. At all.
  • Can’t wait to see “Fighter”. This is an opening weekend movie must for me.


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