Three Bucks?, Blair Resigning, and What kind of Mom?

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Good morning,

Thursday should look a lot like Wednesday did outside so grab something you can take for a impromptu picnic lunch today.

To the News:
I have to think it’s gas prices that are going to be the topic of more than a few of your conversations over the next few days and weeks. I almost spit out my orange juice driving to work this morning when I passed the quick trip on Ingersoll. Like $2.99 is supposed to make me feel better than $3.00. Ok it does make me feel a little better, but not much. What makes me feel a lot better is the fact that I don’t live in San Francisco today. Gas is going for more than $4.00 a gallon.
And while we’re on the subject of “more than”…I don’t mean to put a speed bump in your brain when you’re talking to people or reading something but something has elbowed it’s way into conversational English that is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
When we talk about prices going up, they should be described as MORE THAN three dollars a gallon. We’ve taken to describing prices as OVER three dollars a gallon. They’re not over anything…OVER is a measure of space. The little green men are hovering OVER me. More than is a measure of quantity as in: Gas prices are finally more than $3/gallon.
The nuns at St Joseph would be so proud.

Bentler Trail Continues
The judge in the trial will be visiting the scene of the murder. Yesterday Shawn Bentler’s former girlfriend talked on the stand about how he used to steal from his parents business and talk about how he’d be better off financially when his parents were dead.

Blair Steps Down
Not really. He’s stepping down June 27th. Tony Blair has been the President’s strongest ally in the war effort and has taken a lot of heat for that at home. I think there’s a lot more to it. reading some of the British papers this morning there were also some internal governmental scandals that weighed on Blair’s popularity, and the people’s confidence in his leadership. I thought it interesting that some of the papers also pointed out he’s still be a member of Parliament through 2009. He just won’t be Prime Minister.

Va Tech Panel
The inquiry into the Virginia Tech shootings starts today. The panel will be looking at the events the day of the shooting and how the University reacted. Incidentally graduation is tomorrow. The undergraduate and graduate students who were killed that day will receive their degrees posthumously.

No joke it’s the Green version of Google. Though…it’s black…not green…anyway you get the idea. The screen uses less energy if it’s black than if it’s green or in Google’s case…white. I tried logging on this morning and the site had problems…likely because every local television station in the country was running that at the same time. If this makes sense: Google Blackel. You should get a few responses that will allow you to see the site .

I often think mine is the best…for a lot of reasons. I was both born into and married into great families. I’m a lucky guy. Reminder 438,987 came in the form of a note from my Godmother, and Aunt Kay. Kay is my mom’s sister and is one cool lady. She lives out in Pasadena and I wish I could see more of her. Yesterday she sent a note and a contribution to the Leukemia Lymphoma Celebrity of the Year Campaign. She did this despite the fact that she already gives to LLS. Apparently a friend of her’s from kindergarten has myeloma, and has survived despite some pretty bad odds against her. She and Kay hooked up after not seeing each other for years and apparently Kay has donated ever since.
I know I’ve said it before but I am being constantly surprised by the number of people in my life touched by a blood related Cancer. It’s not that I am surprised at the number…the statistics show I would know a lot of people effected. It’s the fact that we’ve never talked about and I’ve never heard about it. I hope I’ll continue to hear from people who have been effected by these diseases and people who’ve been given a chance at living a long life because of the research this fundraiser will support.
To that end, you can help too. All you have to do is go online and make a donation. If you feel more comfortable mailing a check, the address of the LLS is:

8033 University Blvd. Suite A
Des Moines, IA

Please make sure you indicate that the donation is to support my efforts.
Thank you all for your efforts on my behalf.


With just one thing to add…
I’ve had some cool discussions with people today about the Alpha Mom or Beta Mom topic from this morning.
Click the “As Seen on 13 button” (not just the drag-down part but actually click the button) to find the link where it explains this, and asks you to blog in. We’ve already heard from a mom of 6 and a military mom – great input! Thanks!


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