Bondurant Residents Clean Up After Homes Flood Again


Bondurant flooding (WHO-HD)

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BONDURANT, Iowa  --  Bondurant residents who live on Aspen Drive spent a lot of time cleaning up after flash flood waters poured into their basements for the second time in the last few weeks.

“We had just finally cleaned up and I got the backyard cleaned up last Saturday, and we’re going to have to do it again. This time the damage was quite a bit worse, so there’s more cleanup. Service Master just got done cleaning up the basement again,” Bondurant resident and teacher Jake Schroeder said.

Neighbors said this particular issue has been going on for about two years and they feel like the city hasn’t done much to fix the problem.

“I feel like I can’t even leave my home because every time it rains I need to be here to babysit the drainage area next door and try to pump water out if necessary,” said Bondurant resident Christina Bagby.

The city said they are trying to get the area under control.

“What we are working on is pumping out the detention pond that serves that area to make sure it’s very low in preparation for additional rainfall tonight. So that it has over capacity to be able to take that rainfall, and we are also putting a sandbag wall, for lack of a better word, to try and avert the water away from those properties,” Bondurant City Administrator Marketa Oliver said.

However, neighbors said the temporary fix didn’t work as well as they hoped.

“They have a city worker that’s on call every 24 hours to sit here and watch the water, and when the water rises they’re supposed to turn on their pump and run it out in the street to the sewer drains as a temporary fix for this problem," said Bagby. "However, they sat there in their truck and they watched it to the point where it was rising up over this bike path before they even turned the pump on to do anything, and by that time it was too late. And the water had backed up and flooded my home along with the other four homes down the street."

Oliver said the city is working on trying to find a long-term solution to help the residents.

“We are meeting with our engineers and the developer of that platte to identify a long-term solution to make sure that the houses aren’t continually flooded,” Oliver said.

However, Christina Bagby said she’s lost hope in the city and the developer.

“I don’t know where to go from here. All of us on the street talked about possibly getting an attorney involved, seeing what kind of legal action we can take,” she said.

Oliver said Bondurant residents can put out flood-damaged items to be picked up along with trash collection on Wednesday for free, and if residents need more sand bags or resources they can call city hall at 515-967-2418.


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