Calkins Nature Area Hosts Extensive New Arrowhead Collection

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IOWA FALLS, Iowa-Calkins Nature Area near Iowa Falls is getting ready to unveil a huge collection of early Iowa history in it’s new museum wing.

“We have pottery, we have arrowheads, and a lot of spearpoints, and dart points, that often get confused with arrowheads, we have stone and bone tools,” said Chris Barber, the Calkins Nature Area Park Manager. “We feel very fortunate for county our size to have the collection and the facilities that we do.”

Hardin County Conservation has been working on the new museum wing for about two years.

The collection of some 8,000 pieces was donated by Jeff Ulch of Clemmons who has been collecting these pieces in rural areas nearby.

“Just started looking around Marshall Co in the Fields started finding stuff it’s just been a passion just keep growing and pretty soon it all added up to what’s here,” said Ulch.

Ulch donated the collection to Hardin County Conservation, and said he does miss these items, but is glad to see how they are displayed here.

The museum is scheduled to open on October 20th.

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