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Metro Business Tailoring Itself to Help During Pandemic


DES MOINES, Iowa — Hal Wilson has an attention to detail, but COVID-19 has put his custom suit business called H3 in West Des Moines on hold.

“To answer a lot of calls of postponements of weddings is just crushing. Obviously, the financial side everyone is feeling that impact. Basically, the world stopped,” said Wilson.

With that source of income dried up, Wilson had two ways to view a major setback. He said, “Instead of looking at the situation as being half empty, I’d rather teach our son that the situation is a little more half full.”

So the man who specializes in style that makes the customer feel good thought wearable masks would accomplish a similar feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We want to make an impact and try to curve the containment. If you had a cold and you are in Hy-Vee and I saw you in the grocery store and you were wearing one, I’d want to thank you,” said Wilson about seeing people wearing masks.

Made of 100 percent cotton, the face coverings are safe for washers and dryers. “We’ve got a lot of requests. My wife loves her cats, my son has everything from Iowa and Iowa State and there are more being processed,” said Wilson about the different options and patterns the mask can be made in.

Wilson is teaming up with his business’ tailor, Busy Bee Tailor in Beaverdale and selling a five pack for $50. “For every five of these that we sell, we are going to donate one to a nurse and daycare. Basically, people on the front lines,” said Wilson.

Slow sales because of COVID-19 forced Busy Bee Tailor in Beaverdale to close down, but thanks to a major employer in central Iowa seeing Wilson’s project and ordering thousands, they are operating to make at least 500 masks a day. It is helping the business regain a small piece of normalcy. “Not only is it a passion project for us to help people stay safe, but if we can teach our son you can help keep someone in business, that means a lot,” said Wilson.

Life lessons are showing just how much resolve Iowans have. Wilson said, “What really determines you is what you do with that situation.”

Anyone can order a mask. You can email Wilson at HALWILSON3@YAHOO.COM


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