Crime Spree In Small Iowa City

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MONROE, Iowa -- Things have changed in the small Jasper County City of Monroe.

There used to be a time when you could leave your doors unlocked. Not anymore. Over the past week, at least four cars were stolen and several others were broken into. Tommy Metzger's Cadillac was stolen out of his garage, during the daytime while he was home.

"Heard on the scanner that three cars had been stolen in town. Went to get in my car and low and behold my garage was empty," Metzger said. "They took it right out from under my nose. Broad daylight."

Police found the Caddy Thursday night in Ankeny, with what is likely a bunch of stolen stuff inside. "They found a brand new set of Harley bags, a Bowie knife, Ammunition, Scanners, Fuzz Busters, just about everything. And they left everything in it," Metzger said.

Just a few blocks away, Bryce VanWingarten had his truck and his wife's car stolen, both in the same night. "Tuesday night I had worked on both of them actually and Wednesday morning my wife came out to take my son to Des Moines and we were missing two vehicles," VanWingarten said.

The truck was recovered, but the car is still missing. And, for the first time, so is neighbors trust in other people.  "You gotta keep stuff locked up I guess," VanWingarten said. "It does suck that it happens in a small community like this."


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