Des Moines Woman Attacked Near Bus Stop

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A 48-year-old woman was attacked after getting off at the wrong bus stop at the intersection of SW 9th Street and Frazier Avenue.  She was less than a tenth of a mile from her home at Sunburst Apartments when she was approached by two men on a narrow bridge.

“As she was walking down the sidewalk getting a little closer to her home two men attacked her and stole her groceries and they beat her pretty seriously just for no reason at all...none,” said Sergeant Paul Parizek from the Des Moines Police Department.

She was taken to the hospital the next day to treat injuries to her face and rib area.  She states in the police report that the suspects were wearing dark clothing and suspects that they are possibly homeless.

“Maybe they were sitting there waiting, maybe they saw it was just a crime of opportunity. I don't think she was the intended target, I think they wanted the property that she had,” said Parizek.

The neighborhood is described by police and residents as a generally safe area. According to Parizek there have been no other similar crimes reported in the vicinity.

“Usually this is a safe area, safe complex, safe street, so it’s kind of weird that this happened at a bus stop or coming across the bridge,” said Sunburst Apartments resident Kobe Dickson.

Des Moines Police are currently investigating the assault, but currently have no suspects. They are urging any residents with information to call Crime Stoppers at (515) 223-1400.


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