Family Surprised by Damage Caused by Storm Winds

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MILO, Iowa  --  "It really didn't hit me until this morning, when the sun came up and I looked out the backdoor and at the garage and felt queasy," said Phyllis Vandelune, who could not believe her eyes when she saw how the winds from Monday night's storm wreaked havoc on her property near Milo.

Despite the fact that Vandelune's house only suffered minor damage, the garage, located adjacent to the house, was completely destroyed.

"When I saw the garage, it's like what if, what if it had been the house, you know? That was more scary to me than anything," she said. "My boys were like 'how can that motorcycle still be standing with all the damage?""

The winds blew the other items in the garage all over the place, and well into the neighbor's property. Some things are nowhere to be found.

"We were restoring this boat, which we have no idea where it went," said Vandelune. "It's somewhere, but we haven't found it yet."

The winds uprooted a nearby blue spruce tree, and the neighbor's barn suffered significant damage.

"Their roof is gone and the back, like the back door, too, blew off. You can see the rafters are open, but again, nothing to their house. How fortunate is that again," said Vandelune.

Vandelune says despite the mess that was caused and all that was destroyed, what survived the storm is what she's grateful for.

"I had to go around and hug my kids and my husband, because we were all good, and that to me was the blessing of the day."


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