First Day Hikes Kickoff Iowa’s Celebration of 100 Years of State Parks

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OTHO, Iowa- January 1, 2020 marked the State of Iowa Department of Natural Resources First Day Hike.
People across Iowa were invited to come out to see state parks in a different light, in winter.

“It’s not just here and it’s also throughout the country, so. Big thing here the First Day Hike, it’s getting bigger every year,” said Kevin Henning, Dolliver State Park Manager. “It promotes health and wellness, we get people out in the parks to see nature, and experience it at a different time of year in the winter time, you know things look a lot different this time of year.”

Parks across Iowa were offering the hike adventure, including Brushy Creek Recreation Area, Big Creek, and Aquabi State Park to name only a few.

“There’s as many as 49 parks doing this today they’re expecting up to 2000 people,” said Henning. “So part of this 2020 is going to be for us to celebrate the hundred years we’re going to do 100 events.”

The Iowa State Parks is celebrating 100 years of operation this year. Events will happen all over Iowa, including the 100th birthday of Iowa’s first such park, Backbone State Park.

Today’s event was to give hikers a close up look at not only the scenic bluffs, and river valley, but the history as well.

“It’s a classic old Very historical Park, I think the history and then the natural beauty, geology, “ said Henning. “There’s so much to enjoy about Dolliver. It’s one of the best state parks in Iowa it really is.”

This park also has a unique limestone bluff canyon called Boneyard Hollow.

“Boneyard hollow because they found all the bison bones in there years ago, it was said that the Indians either drove the buffalo off the cliffs to kill them or they drove them up into the box canyon“ said Henning.
“They found a lead tablet there in 1912 this girl little girl who was on a picnic with her family found it  was inscribed in Latin, claiming it for France. That story was found to be a hoax by some local fellows.

For more on the State Park 100th Celebration, click here.


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