Fleet Feet Des Moines Helps Match People With Best Running Shoe

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Running is a popular pastime for many, especially those looking to start the year fresh. According to Runner’s World, the most common mistake is to skip the specialty store, where new runners miss out on important guidance regarding shoes.

“If you're running, if you're walking, it all starts with the feet. All starts with the shoes,” said Fleet Feet Des Moines co-owner Andy Roat.

Located in the East Village, Fleet Feet Des Moines actually analyzes their customers feet to help them find the best shoe for their goals. Store associates spend one-on-one time asking customers about aches, pains and past injuries, while also taking into account what type of goals those customers want to achieve.

“We have an amazing piece of machinery called a ‘fit id.’ There's a whole bunch of details about a person’s feet,” said Roat.

The fit id creates a 3D, digital replica of an individual's foot. The state-of-the-art scanner captures 12 data points — like length, width and arch height — to give you personalized shoe and insole recommendations.

“The experience was good. It gave me a virtual view of my foot, which kind of confirmed what I thought, but it was nice to see some numbers next to it. I would recommend it to other people,” said customer Adam Ibrahim.

Fleet Feet Des Moines also has various programs, some free, for runners of all levels. Currently, there are free social runs every Thursday at 6 p.m. and Saturday at 8 a.m. The group runs various three mile routes and meets just outside the shop.


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