Former Des Moines Resident Among Those Nationwide Who Had Ring Camera Hacked

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Former Des Moines resident, Karley Krcilek,  says a complete stranger hacked her family’s  Amazon Ring camera and watched them in their home for six minutes before they pulled the plug.

She’s not alone. Several similar incidents have popped up across the country, but the company says they are not to blame. In a Twitter post responding to several customers throughout the day Ring said based on their investigation, they are able to confirm the incidents are in no way related to a breach of Ring’s security. 

Des Moines police advise residents to take extra measures to avoid being hacked, such as using multiple passwords, a two-step verification process, and to never keep a default password.

“The big key is don’t use the same password for every little piece of electronics that you have,” said Sergeant Paul Parizek. “You know, any online banking that you do your credit cards, your email accounts, accounts that are associated with your kids use different passwords.”

Ring also said in a separate Twitter post that “bad actors often reuse credentials stolen or leaked from one or more services.” Blaming the most recent hacks on larger data breaches taking place across the country.

“Once that thief steals your information, they'll take what they gained and they'll apply it to every aspect of your life that they think they can access…. If you have a credit card they're going to try that password there...and if they find out that you have maybe a Ring or Nest camera they're going to try that they're also,” said Parizek.

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services there have been 408 data breaches in the country this year alone.

Krcilek says she has been in contact with Ring. Although they haven’t decided on the next step, they will likely be asking for a full refund on all three products they own from the company.


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