Guitar Shop Owner Recounts Strange Encounter with Scott Greene

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URBANDALE, Iowa  --  Scott Greene's mother did not want to go on camera on Friday, but when she answered the door, she said off camera that her heart is with the Urbandale and Des Moines Police Departments. In her front yard is an American flag with a blue line flying at half staff.

Paul Wilson owns Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe, located right across the street from the house--the same house that Scott Greene lived in.

"I would say that's just something that's been two months ago (the flag being up), and there seemed to be some older adult, I don't know, relatives or something have been taking care of the grounds and at night there's a blue light display there, more than one light," said Wilson.

Wilson feels for Greene's mother. "You know, it's hard to blame the parents or anybody else for something that a son or a daughter does, but of course you're no doubt gonna feel guilty and responsible, and certainly sorry. If they could turn the clock back they would," said Wilson. "It's like you're wearing a scarlet letter. It's not very fair."

Wilson has had interactions with Scott Greene in the past.

"He had bought a guitar for his daughter that he loves very much and he said the guitar was a very important thing to her and he was appreciative of us," said Wilson.

But another interaction with Greene--that happened just five days before the killings of Officer Justin Martin and Sergeant Anthony Beminio--stands out, and is a bizarre coincidence to say the least.

"He had called the police regarding a truck that was parked in front of his house, and so he was actually the one that alerted the police to the truck, which thwarted the burglary that we had," said Wilson.

Greene had called the cops; Officer Martin was the one who responded.

Wilson said Officer Martin was very helpful. "He was very business-like and we got a lot done and established, and he gave me his business card and so forth, and so I'm sure he had every intention to follow up."

After Officer Martin and the crime team had left the store, Greene came into the shop--an encounter that made Wilson feel uneasy.

"I just, you know, I found him, every now and then your senses tingle, you go, 'this guy's kind of angry. I'm not going to do anything to make him mad.' I don't think it would take much to set him off. We just sort of were polite and we could hardly wait until he left, actually," said Wilson.

Wilson never found out who was responsible for the burglary.


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