Gun Shop Owner Says Rational Thought Governs Society, Not Laws

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JOHNSTON, Iowa  --  "I don't think weapons bans are really a good idea at all," said Des Moines gun owner Josh Sawyer. "It is still our constitutional right to carry firearms, you know, that is an inalienable right that we do carry as citizens of the United States."

But should there be any limits or restrictions? Sawyer is open to the idea.

"Maybe more in-depth background checks, maybe yearly evaluations like retraining, stuff like that if you are carrying a firearm," said Sawyer. "Just have you come in once a year get re-certified, retested, mental health-wise, stuff like that."

Paige Thill is not a gun owner, but her boyfriend is. Thill believes there should be some regulations on who can own guns.

"But I think the underlying problem is not guns themselves," said Thill. "I think the problem is more so with our people and our society and what would cause somebody to do, you know, harsh, evil actions with guns."

Answering that question is no easy task.

Tom Hudson, General Manager of CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston, says all we can do is hope gun owners are rational, and not crazy.

"At the end of the day, that's all we do have," said Hudson. "It's no different than someone takes a car and wants to run down Court Avenue, down the sidewalk. You're just assuming the guy next to you at the stoplight is a rational individual that's going to do what's right when the light turns green."

Hudson says it's rational thought that governs all of us in a modern, civilized society--not laws.

"And when irrational behavior overcomes the individual in a calculated means, or in a fit of uncontrolled rage or something like that, it's simply, there's simply nothing you can do other than be prepared to respond in the best possible means," said Hudson. "Conceal, cover, treat the wounded, defend yourself, and/or escape and get away."


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