HUSER TRIAL: Hitman’s Girlfriend Testifies


Vernon Huser (WHO-HD)

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Testimony continued Wednesday in the first degree murder trial of an Ankeny man.

Vernon Huser is accused of hiring a hitman, Louis Woolheater, to kill his ex-wife’s boyfriend.

Wednesday the defense finished up cross-examining a witness from Tuesday and the state called more witnesses to the stand.

Jackie Putz took the stand testifying about her 5 year relationship with Louis Woolheater.

Putz testified while at Woolheater’s home she came across a wallet and license that didn’t belong to him.

“The one thing that stood out was the patch over the eye,” Putz said of the picture on the license.

“That stuck out too because the name was Lance Morningstar and the address was Morningstar Drive,” she added

Putz testified Woolheater told her about his time as a Navy Seal and said he always carried a gun.

She said while dating Woolheater he would talk about Vern Huser.

Putz said she thought she was exclusive with Woolheater but later found out he had other girlfriends and multiple cell phones.

The defense claims Woolheater was not an honest man, and while questioning Putz about the wallet she agreed.

A friend of Woolheater, Larry Webb also testified. He said he introduced Woolheater and Huser.

Webb testified that he was at Woolheater’s house the day after Morningstar’s body was found and that Woolheater made a confession to him.

“He said something about the body wasn’t supposed to be there, it is supposed to be in Oklahoma in a pit,” Webb said before confirming the body referred to was Lance’s.

Webb testified Woolheater told him the only people that knew about the body were himself and Huser.

But when questioned by the defense Webb also agreed that Woolheater had a tendency to lie and tell untrue stories.

This is Huser’s second trial. He was awarded a new trial after it was determined hearsay evidence led to his conviction in the first trial.


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