HUSER TRIAL: Testimony About Moving Body

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The jury in the murder re-trial of Vernon Huser is learning more about Louis Woolheater, the man Huser allegedly hired to kill the man who had an affair with his wife.

Thursday the state called one of Woolheater’s former girlfriends, Michelle Zwank, to the stand.

Woolheater is serving a life sentence for killing Lance Morningstar, the prosecution is accusing Huser of hiring Woolheater for the job.

Zwank testified that she dropped Woolheater off at a baseball diamond near Morningstar’s home and picked him up about an hour later.

She said Woolheater asked her to help him load a large item wrapped in a tarp into her trunk. Authorities would later identify that item as the body of Morningstar.

"The bundle was cocoon  shaped, was wrapped tightly covered in a tarp, he asked me to help him put it in my trunk and I tried to do so grabbing it where he instructed me to grab it  and it felt to me that is was somebodies legs,” Zwank said.

Michelle Zwank testified that when she tried to lift the item, that authorities later identified As Lance Morningstar, it was too heavy and she went back into the car.

She said Woolheater ended up putting the body in her trunk by himself.

Swank testified she left her vehicle at Woolheater’s and never saw the body again.

However, the defense claims Zwank is confused about some of her testimony including the timeline of Morningstar’s death.

When questioned by the defense Swank admitted she never looked in the trunk to see if it was in fact a body.

The state also called Lance Morningstar's son, Lynn to the stand. He testified about the days leading up to his dad's disappearance.

“I really got concerned on Tuesday morning when one of the guys from his work called me and said he hadn't been to work and hadn't called in for two days,” Lynn Morningstar said, adding, “That's very, very unusual.”

Zwank said she had never heard or met Vern Huser during Thursday’s testimony.

However, when Lynn took the stand he said he had known Huser since he was a little kid and had gone to tractor pulls with Huser and his dad.

The defense had a few minutes to cross-examine Lynn Morningstar and questioned his character.

The defense will have the opportunity to ask Lynn more questions Friday morning.


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